April 29, 2016

Signal Connect Team

You can sum up Signal Connect in four words: world-class solutions provider. That’s the most accurate description of our greatest strength. We have a team of talented techs that handles all your radio frequency (RF) distribution needs. This includes satellite TV, cell phone boosters, and other commercial wiring projects like low-voltage wiring and access control and security camera systems. If you need these services or having an issue with an existing installation, call us at 866-726-4182. If you want to know more about our solutions – and you should because they’re amazing – then keep reading. You’ll soon discover that no other company can do what Signal Connect does.

Let’s Talk About Wiring…

Signal Connect specializes in tech-forward wiring solutions of all types for large-scale commercial installations. We’re talking HUGE projects like stadiums, hospital buildings, and other commercial real estate developments. These jobs are handled by our Enterprise Business Solutions unit. 

Everyone here is proud of what the Enterprise Business Solutions team has already accomplished. They understand the challenges they will face with these huge, often highly-technical jobs. They also know that it takes a different set of high-level skills to make today’s electronic gear work in these institutional settings. When you need a large-scale wiring solution, these are the experts you need to make sure the job gets done well.

I’m incredibly proud of what the whole team has pulled off. The customer couldn’t have been happier.

One of our success stories is a telecommunications installation at the Veterans’ Affairs hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “This is a huge project that puts underground wiring in a new facility on the property,” explained one of our team members. “It connects several miles of wiring to 400 phones and computers on all three floors.” We specializes in these large, high tech installations. He’s helped dozens of customers create the perfect solution for their needs, which is what Signal Connect is all about.

The Enterprise Business Solutions team is always looking for these types of commercial installations. He also said he’s proud that Signal Connect towers above the few niche companies that handle these unique projects. He added, “Many commercial real estate development companies know who we are and what we can do. Our reputation as the top-of-the-line commercial wiring distribution expert keeps growing.”


Account Management Service

While the jobs we handle are big, we probably spend more time providing customer-friendly service after the sale. Our customers get a talented account representative in your corner. Think of this person as your ultimate advocate. When you need changes made to your account – a billing address changes, upgrades, etc. – we say, “No problem!” Your account rep takes care of what you need when you need it. How many other companies in our field can say the same thing?

Some use the term “white glove service” to describe what we do. Others call it “concierge service,” which means the same thing. What they’re saying is that we’re amazing because we go above and beyond the call of duty. We provide a huge variety of solutions for our customers, but what are these solutions? And how do we offer them? To get a better picture, we need to take a closer look at most of what we do for you.


Basic and Advanced DIRECTV Solutions

Satellite TV is a type of RF installation, and Signal Connect is the satellite TV expert. We’re a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer. Our techs diagnose connection issues over the phone then walk customers through the fix. Team member Jason Vanover said, “Most of the time, someone calls us after they get a blank screen or error message. Most of the time, these fixes are something as simple as having them switch between HDMI2 and HDMI1.” Jason happily handles several of these types of calls each day, as do many other Signal Connect techs.

Most of the time, these fixes are something simple.

Jason also handles more advanced DIRECTV fixes. For example, there was a time he provided a customer with everything he needed to install his legacy DIRECTV equipment inside his RV. He recalled, “He wanted to hook up his DIRECTV while he was at the campground. Based on his equipment, I knew he needed to run a single cable from his dish to a B-band connector, which connected to his receiver.” Jason shipped a connector to the client along with a diagram of how to install it. “When I called him back, he and his wife were watching DIRECTV,” he added.


Your Account Management Rep

You never know when an issue might happen or you need a change made to your account. Our account reps understand that anything can happen, whether it’s a simple or a major issue. Your Signal Connect rep is your personal concierge, which means they’re there when you need them. It doesn’t matter if it’s after hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend. Our reps make themselves available on nights and weekends to take care of you. (We did say we provide personalized account management service!)

David Ross is one experienced Signal Connect rep who’s always available to his DIRECTV customers and marine installer partners. His personal cell phone rings day and night from his partners in the marine industry. Why does he do this? “Customer service situations don’t just happen between 9 AM and 5 PM,” David said. “I have to be available on nights and weekends if my customers need to talk to me.” David’s steadfast dedication to his clients is just one of the many things that puts him (and Signal Connect) head and shoulders above those who are simply salespeople.

Customer service situations don’t just happen between 9 AM and 5 PM.

These days, everyone is working harder and harder. That makes our time away from work so precious. The fact that members of the Signal Connect crew take calls on nights and weekends shows their devotion to their customers. How many of your service providers do this for you? Probably not many, if any at all. This is why you should strongly consider Signal Connect for your next commercial wiring project. We’re the only ones who combine this level of technology with an incredible passion for customer service.


DIRECTV Equipment Replacement


This is a huge part of the many groundbreaking solutions we provide. When some customers need new equipment, it’s not always as simple as ordering it from the Solid Signal website. In many cases, people are using outdated equipment and don’t realize they need something newer in order to stay compatible. These situations create highly specialized installation demands. Ryan McDonnell, Signal Connect rep, explained, “We know which parts are compatible with their legacy systems and how to install them.”

Here’s something our techs run into a lot: customers who need to replace an old SWM-32 multi-switch. Since the SWM-32 isn’t made anymore, these folks need an alternative solution. Ryan recalled, “This happened with an indoor go kart company that needed a multi-switch that delivers to 13 receivers. I recommended an SWM-30 multiswitch because it delivers DIRECTV to up to 26 receivers or 12 dual-tuner DVRs.” Ryan also sent our easy installation guide to help the client install this device.

We know which parts are compatible with their legacy systems and how to install them.

The solution Ryan offered the go kart company is just a small example of what we can do. Truth is, Signal Connect can create a solution for you that’s more than just swapping out multiswitches or receivers. We can totally plan, execute, and document your next project no matter if it’s one receiver or 1,000. We have the staff, we have the talent, and most importantly we have the experience to solve the problem.


DIRECTV Solutions for Marine Clients

Did you know Signal Connect is the foremost expert on marine satellite TV solutions? Our reps provide this service to yachts and superyachts, as well as fleets of tugboats, trawlers, and other working vessels. Because of our marine satellite TV experience, members of our team have shared their knowledge at the National Marine Electronics Association Annual Expo in each of the last two years. This gave our DIRECTV experts a chance to educate large groups of marine satellite installers from across the country.

Here’s just one of our many awesome marine satellite TV success stories. One of our marine experts recalled, “A trawler company had many receivers on a variety of boats, and the workers kept switching these receivers from one boat to the next. It was a huge mess where nobody knew what was where, and there were several different bills for several accounts.”

Now, everything is easier for the company to manage.

This messy situation would have scared off a less-talented marine satellite professional. We faced the challenge head on. The work was long and painstaking, but he singlehandedly tracked down and identified each receiver and which boat it was needed to be on. He also put everything into one company account.Now, the crew gets to enjoy DIRECTV on their breaks, and everything is a lot easier for the company to manage. We were happy to help them out.


If You Want the Perfect Solution…

…Call Signal Connect. It really is as simple as that. From wiring installations in large-scale commercial real estate projects to DIRECTV in RVs, boats, or big rigs, we have you covered. We also do DIRECTV in homes and businesses, as well as cell phone booster and distributed antenna system (DAS) installations and so much more. We have the equipment, the knowledge, and the ability to help you before, during, and after the sale. When you’re making an investment in an RF installation, it’s always best to work with someone you can count on. Signal Connect is the company you can trust to provide personalized solutions. To get the process started, call us at 866-726-4182, or fill out the form below.