Signal Connect Educates Marine Installers at 2018 NMEA Expo

NMEA Expo 2018


Signal Connect Educates Marine Installers at NMEA Expo

Signal Connect continues to spread its marine satellite TV expertise to installers across the country. Three members of our team – Evan Weiss, David Ross, and Josh Weiss – recently did this at the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Expo. (The event took place on September 24-26, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida.) This gave our team an opportunity to educate installers about the complex aspects of satellite TV installation on commercial and luxury boats.

National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)

Are you familiar with the NMEA?  The National Marine Electronics Association is committed to enhancing the technology and safety of marine electronics through installer training and interface standards.  NMEA members promote professionalism within the marine electronics space.  The association’s annual conference attracts installers and other professionals worldwide, and is the premier networking event for the marine electronics industry.

Signal Connect Returns to NMEA

Last year, Evan, David, and Josh conducted two presentations at the NMEA’s conference in Seattle. Those seminars went over so well that the NMEA invited them back to do it again this year. Evan explained, “It is a tremendous honor to be asked to come back this year. We when got the word, we went to work to make this year’s presentation even more informative.” This year, our team offered more ways for marine electronics installers to avoid costly delays, earn more referrals, and make more money with their satellite TV installations.  Their presentations covered these important topics:

  • The differences between commercial and residential accounts
  • Suspending accounts during the off-season
  • Satellite TV fraud and misclassification, and how to avoid it
  • Much more useful information about marine satellite TV

Evan, David, and Josh put a lot of time and effort into this presentation. The sounds of them rehearsing could be heard throughout our offices in the weeks that led up to the event. They wanted to ensure that what they shared at the expo would be entertaining and educational. 

Two Successful Marine Satellite TV Presentations

When the trio arrived Monday afternoon, they went straight to the conference room.  They quickly set up their equipment then decided to run through it one last time. As they did, the Vice President of the NMEA poked his head in the door and told them they were doing a great job. A few minutes later, the NMEA President did the same thing. Evan recalled, “That made us extremely proud! It gave us the extra motivation to really lock this down and do a great job for the attendees.”

The morning of Tuesday, September 25 was the big day for the team. The guys were excited, and the size of the crowd added to these emotions. Evan recalled, “With more than 50 people in the room, it was at its capacity. Only four of the attendees saw our presentation last year, so we were talking to a room filled with new faces.”  At the end of the presentation, they hosted a question and answer period.  “The attendees were eager to learn more about satellite TV installation,” Evan said. “We loved answering their questions and help them better understand satellite TV.”

On day two, the team encouraged attendees to ask questions during the presentation. This let them help more people from beginning to end.  They were assisted by representatives from satellite dome makers KVH and Intellian. Josh Weiss recalled, “I really enjoyed the dialogue we had during the second presentation. It was a healthy roundtable discussion that let manufacturers and dealers share knowledge with installers.”  Every member of Team Signal Connect consider the NMEA expo a huge success.  “If you’re not an NMEA member, you should become one,” Josh added.  “The training and education they provide is extremely valuable.”

DIRECTV Account Activation on the Go!

The NMEA conference is a time for networking in the marine electronics industry. For David Ross, it also was an opportunity to help an attendee. At the event, an installer asked him to activate a DIRECTV account on a yacht. David recalled, “The boat’s owner needed it activated right away, so the installer didn’t have time to call DIRECTV’s call center. I pulled out my cellphone and got the account activated in a few minutes.”

The idea to contact David for a satellite TV activation was a good one. He and Josh Weiss specialize in activating marine DIRECTV accounts for installers. DIRECTV has an international call center that’s very big and very busy. Installers who need an activation in a hurry sometimes dread dialing into it. “When you call us, we get your accounts activated in a matter of minutes,” Evan said. “Signal Connect knows who to call at DIRECTV and DISH to get this done quickly.” These satellite TV account activation services are FREE to marine electronics installers.

Call Signal Connect for Satellite TV Activation and More!

The NMEA’s national event was a great way for the Signal Connect team to meet with marine installers. As many folks as Evan, David, and Josh spoke with, there was just as many they weren’t able to meet. David added, “If we didn’t connect at the show and you’re interested in satellite TV activation, give us a call.” David and Josh have plenty of experience activating DIRECTV and DISH accounts. Best of all, they provide this service free to marine installers. They’ll always answer any question you have about marine satellite TV installations.