January 18, 2016

Learn About Signal Connect

Signal Connect, Your Preferred Satellite TV Partner

Signal Connect, founded in 2005, was establish to fill a gap in the Satellite TV industry.  While the major retail outlets and direct Satellite TV companies scrambled to find new customers, they all fell very short on customer service and support.  As a customer, your time is limited and precious.  You have a lot to do and sitting on hold, waiting for an agent in a foreign call center, is not the ideal way to spend any portion of your day.  From early on, we here at Signal Connect realized that we could offer legendary customer service, support, technical expertise, and installation services across the country, delivering the same legendary programming and products as the major Satellite TV companies, at a fraction of the time and energy it takes to work with them directly.  Our mission is to help customers sign up for new satellite TV service, or upgrade existing service and equipment all while expediting the time it takes to get these services completed.  We work with individuals, companies, government agencies, and more across any application you can imagine.  

Convenience …

Signal Connect is more than just an online retailer and satellite TV support resource. Signal Connect specializes in distributing the latest in high-tech equipment and product research to professional installers and the tech-savvy consumer.

In addition to providing a choice of the leading high-quality, name-brand, digital audio and video equipment, Signal Connect offers product information, installation guidance and troubleshooting assistance to enhance customers’ experiences.

Because of our product knowledge and research, Signal Connect is able to help customers determine what products work best for them and provide sound advice on what equipment is needed for optimum audio and video performance.

Expertise …

Signal Connect provides products and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (via our blog and eCommerce sister company, Solid Signal) so that customers can be sure to find everything they are looking for in audio and video technology. Products include AT&T prepaid and postpaid cell phones and service, satellite equipment and service, cell phone signal boosters, video security, installation tools, professional supplies, and so much more.  

In addition to product offerings that are industry leading, Signal Connect has also assembled a highly-qualified team of entertainment experts to offer sound advice before, during, and after the sale.  We pride ourselves on answering the phone quickly and providing each and every customer with product suggestions, custom solutions, installation support, and a multitude of handy resources, such as our blog, our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Services …

Signal Connect, located in Novi, Michigan, tracks the latest trends in technology and often knows about products before they are released to the public. Signal Connect can speak to a variety of topics, including cable and satellite technology and service, television antennas, cellular reception and more.

Industries We Support …

All of our customers are important to us here at Signal Connect.  Whether you are a general consumer looking to purchase a replacement remote for under $10, or you are a large corporation looking for a custom solution that combines Satellite TV, Cellular Services, and Cell Phone Signal Boosters across a 50,000 square foot facility, Signal Connect has experience with it all.  We have helped thousands of individual customers, hundreds of businesses, dozens of government agencies, and countless RV enthusiasts, boat owners, and semi truck drivers.  From college campuses, to professional football and baseball stadiums and everything in between, Signal Connect is the right partner to handle any size job for any budget.


Security …

Signal Connect treats customer security as priority number one.  The company uses the top security encryption available and ensures that any personal and/or private information you share remains that way.  We stake our reputation on our professionalism and our dedication to security and privacy.  You have our word that when you work with Signal Connect, you are working with the best in the industry.  

Signal Group, LLC

Signal Connect is a division of Signal Group, LLC, parent company to Solid Signal, Signal Distribution, Signal Marine, and Xtreme Signal.  The combined offering between these brands canvases nearly every corner of the consumer electronics, service, and support spectrum.  Each brand offers a unique combination of products and services tailored to the industries and customers it supports.  When you work with Signal Group, you are sure to find what you need in terms of products and expertise.

Solid Signal is more than just an online retailer. Solid Signal specializes in distributing the latest in high-tech equipment and product research to professional media installers and the tech-savvy consumer. Offering over 50,000 products and growing, Solid Signal is your source of entertainment electronics. Visit Solid Signal Now!


Xtreme Signal is the house brand TV antenna for Signal Group. Xtreme Signal Antennas are some of the most impressive TV antennas on the market for the price. Easy to assemble and install, Xtreme Signal is your preferred choice for OTA TV. Visit Xtreme Signal Now!


Signal Distribution provides logistics and fulfillment services for Signal Group LLC and its affiliated vendors. Visit Signal Distribution Now!


Signal Marine offers marine related products, electronics, and support. If you own a boat, yacht, oil rig, or any other marine vessel, Signal Marine is your source for quality products at a reasonable price. Visit Signal Marine Now!