July 15, 2019

Ryan McDonnell




“Because I’m very meticulous, I’ll make sure you get the correct components for a smooth installation.”


Before joining the Signal Connect team, I spent more than two years doing satellite TV tech support while working with our Solid Signal division. On the Signal Connect team, business-to-business and national DIRECTV accounts are my specialty. I also work with residential satellite TV and AT&T wireless phones.

I’m proud that I get to work with a wonderful team here at Signal Connect. Everyone here is always working hard to go above and beyond what we’ve already done. This challenges me to do my best every day. Sure, I have my previous satellite TV experience to lean on, but I’m always learning something new from this team.

Outside of work, I’m just an everyday person. I like playing video games like HALO, watching football and hockey, and going camping.



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Ryan McDonnell
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 6 reviews
 by rhett
Absolute perfect Support

Ryan was very professional very knowledgeable I had to spend numerous times calling to get my difficult situation resolved but she was super helpful in getting this completed got me the right parts sent to me quickly and got everything working perfectly super helpful very knowledgeable

 by Ed Galle
Absolutely Fantastic Support and Service

From the first minute I called Solid Signal, Ryan offered excellent advice and service. I've purchased and DIY-installed DIRECTV equipment from Solid Signal in the past, but not recently. This time, Ryan helped me confirm the system design and components and he placed the order for me. Solid Signal got the equipment to me in a few days. Once I got everything installed, Ryan stayed on the phone with me nearly two hours to get the Genie 2 and all eight clients activated and working properly. He was extremely patient, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. What a fantastic and smooth experience!! Something I'd never get from a local DTV installer. Thanks again, Ryan and Solid Signal!!

 by Kathy Williams
Excellent Service

Ryan was so professional and knowledgeable of all my questions and concerns regarding Dish Network. He was on the phone with me for at least 1 + hours. I really appreciate him taking the time and explaining everything to me.

 by Scott Cook
Outstanding service

Ryan has gone above and beyond the level of customer service that I expected.
We have been attempting to install Directv, but because our neighborhood is new, the address does not show up yet in many databases.
When dealing with ATT/Directv, this has been a show stopper because the scripts that customer service personnel follow don't go anywhere if the address does not exist in their system.
Reaching out to Solid Signal/ Signal Connect was a hope shot. Reaching Ryan has absolutely made this a doable process. His level of knowledge, as well as a genuine desire to want to help resolve issues has been a breath of fresh air.
On top of everything else, Ryan has followed up through each step to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.
With so many other things to deal with after moving recently, it is nice that someone is helping to make connecting to Directv a smoother process.

 by Bill Allen
Fantastic Rescue by Ryan

Ryan rescued us when Direct TV refused to do so. As a customer for 20 years that has installed all of our receivers, Direct TV would not help me. I had just replaced my old Daytron round dish with a new Winegard Traveler on the roof of my motorhome. I simply wanted to trade my Standard Definition Receiver for a replacement High Definition Receiver. They refused to give me the name a telephone # of the service technician that lives in our neighborhood that I know has extra receivers in his truck and in his shop at home. I had misplaced his card when he visited us last summer. The earliest they would schedule him was June 13th - totally and completely unacceptable! Neither would they ship me a receiver for "self install" as I have done for 20 years (has to be the new AT&T corporate nightmare takeover of Direct TV). Neither would the local AT&T store give me contact information on their local technician. Again, he is a neighbor but I just do not remember in which house he lives. If only his truck had Direct TV logo like the old days, I would have been able to find him. On about my 5th call a sharp technician in Tulsa, OK told me I could purchase a receiver directly from Solid Signal in Michigan, a source Direct TV uses.

Ryan was kind enough to ship my receiver overnight and gave me his direct line for activation the next day. I was not as prepared as I thought I was when I learned my connection on the wall of the RV garage was not yet connected to the elongated dish on top of the RV garage. Patiently Ryan had me take the receiver into the house for activation in the kitchen! Later in the day I rounded up a tone generator and found that the RV garage wire had not yet been connected to the SWIM box / power supply in the Levaton control wiring box Perfect reception to spare HD TV in floor of motorhome. I then called Ryan on another challenge. Both front TV and rear TV are labled as HD but do not have HDMI inputs. Ryan said no problem, just use RCA to RG6 adapter for a bit less than 1080 but a step above Standard Definition. While awaiting his adapter I found a GE lower quality version at Walmart for a temporary hookup. Every thing is working great. I look forward to Ryan's RCA adapter and a high quality set of 1 1/2 foot wires to replace this cheap set of 6 foot wires. Next week I look forward to the big test. Pulling out of the RV garage and hooking up everything to the new Winegard Traveler.

All of this to say that Ryan McDonnell has provided Fantastic Rescue for us. Words can not begin to describe my appreciation.

 by Richard Sheatler
great service

Ryan McDonnell is wonderful. He was able to activate 2 Directv high definition boxes when Directv technical assistance could not activate them.
I recently replaced 3 Directv standard definition boxes with Hi def. Directv sent the new boxes but no B band converters, I needed. Directv would only send one B band converter to me, so I ordered additional from Signal Connect with next day delivery. They arrived promptly. Then I contacted Directv to activate the boxes, they were able to activate one box after 2 hours on the phone. They could not activate the other two. I spoke to several different people, in several different locations over the next 5 days. When you contact Directv you can never talk to the same person and their service notes do not seen to reflect who did what. No one seems to know what is going on.
Finally I contacted Signal Connect to see if they could answer some questions, since they seemed very knowledgeable when I ordered the B band converters. I was able to talk to Ryan McDonnell and explain my problem. He worked with me and we were able to activate the 2 boxes and they are working perfectly.
The customer service at Signal Connect is great. Many companies, especially Directv/ATT should learn from Signal Connect.

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