July 1, 2019

Business Enterprise Solutions from Signal Connect

Signal Connect is a one-stop solution for business owners whether large or small. From offices to stadiums, we have you covered.

Business owners, does your company need technology and infrastructure enhancements? Signal Connect is your one-stop shop for these products and solutions. We specialize in a variety of radio frequency (RF) distribution for businesses of all sizes. This includes everything from entertainment to the critical technologies and infrastructure your company needs. Here are some examples of the cabling solutions we offer to businesses big and small:

Commercial Satellite TV

Satellite TV in the workplace is a big deal. Your employees will love watching it in the breakroom, and your customers will love watching it while they wait. Signal Connect is a nationally-recognized expert in commercial satellite TV. This is why so many companies turn to us for this service. They love the customized service we provide.

When company owners get satellite TV from us, they appreciate our process. We’ve made it as quick and as possible so it doesn’t interrupt your business. We first match you with the best viewing package, satellite dish, and more. To get it all hooked up, we send a qualified satellite TV installer from our database. Then our reps activate your account so you, your employees, and clients can enjoy your shows.

Commercial Wiring Installations for Businesses

Signal Connect specializes in radio frequency (RF) distribution. This technology forms the bedrock of the many services that businesses of all sizes need. Some RF installations include business internet, cell phone boosters, and cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS). Other commercial wiring installations that businesses need include:

  • Access control systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Nurse calls
  • Paging systems
  • Security camera systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • And much more

So, why get cabling from Signal Connect? Because we take care of everything from start to finish. Your solution starts with a floor plan analysis designed by our experts. We also give you huge savings on the electronic equipment you need. To get the job done, we pre-screen and pre-select a professional installer from your area. This means you’ll get the best pricing and service on your installation services, too. We’ll make sure of it!

The Best Customer Service!

Do you pride yourself on your company’s level of customer service? That’s something you have in common with us. When you have an account with us, we assign you a dedicated account manager. This is who you call for questions or need changes made to your account. You get this service free for the life of your account. As a small business owner, you’ll appreciate the level of customer service we offer.

To get your satellite TV or RF installation started at your company, contact Signal Connect.