May 9, 2016

Signal Boosters for Bars and Restaurants

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Give Your Customers What They Want – a Connection!

Look down at your cell phone. Do you see one bar of service? That might be enough for you, but it’s not enough for the customers at your establishment. If they miss an important call or text, they’re going to be unhappy. They might even blame you, your bar or restaurant for their unfortunate situation. Don’t let this happen to you. Get a cell phone signal booster from Signal Connect today!

Customer Service in the Digital Age

These days, your success depends on more than your menu and drink selection. You need to provide the total customer experience. A flawless cellular connection is part of that experience. Think of how many glowing screens you see in your business each night! Now imagine each person staring into that screen getting clear calls and fast text times. Do you really need another reason to turn your business into a wireless hot spot?

“How do I Choose the Right Signal Booster?”

Signal Connect Cellular BoostersCall Signal Connect, the Signal Booster Experts

As a bar owner, you have no problem hiring a good DJ, doorman, and brewmeister. You think nothing of hiring quality chefs, sommeliers, and maître d’ for your restaurant. It’s no different for enhancing your cell phone service. Signal Connect is your cell phone signal booster expert. We’ve helped many bar and restaurant owners increase their business’s cell phone reception. We can help you, too!

So give us a call from that one-bar phone inside your bar or restaurant. Or better yet, use the land line so we’ll be sure to hear you. Talk to us about your business’s wireless communications needs. This helps us recommend the best signal booster and antenna combo for you. Whether you have a 750 square-foot pub or a 20,000 square-foot restaurant, we have what you need. Signal Connect also provides a flawless installation that won’t interrupt your flow of business.

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectHave you Considered DIRECTV?

There’s an excellent reason to add satellite TV to your bar or restaurant. There’s the 140+ channels and crystal clear HDTV reception, of course. There’s also the return on investment for you. Customers order more drinks and food when they’re enjoying the game at your business. We call this “beer math” and we want to make it work for your business. All you have to do is give Signal Connect a call!

Boost Your Business Signal Today!

You’ve worked hard to build the reputation of your bar or restaurant. You’ve chosen the perfect food, drink menu, location and atmosphere. Now add a signal booster for the ultimate in customer service. To make this happen, just fill out our online form or give us a call. A member of the Signal Connect team will contact you to start the process. You can reach us at 866-726-4182, or through the form below.