July 16, 2019

Turnkey Installation Service

Count on Signal Connect to deliver the perfect installation on time, ready for you to get started.

Let’s cut right to the chase. If you’re a business owner who needs a radio frequency (RF) distribution solution, Signal Connect helps you get it done. We’re a nationally-recognized RF distribution expert that specializes in satellite TV, cell phone boosters and many other installations. If you’re waiting to get one of these installations at your business or commercial property, click the link below. This connects you with our reps and gets the process started.


Okay, maybe you’re not ready for an RF installation just yet. If that’s the case, you probably want to learn more about our installation process. For a company based in Metro Detroit, we provide RF solutions to large and small business across the country. How do we do it?

Our reps have developed a national database of qualified professional installers. Whenever a business owner or commercial real estate developer needs our help, we connect them with an installer. This expert will use the customer floor plan and system design our engineers designed for the job. Using our “map,” the installer quickly and accurately completes the job.

If your installation needs activation, such as a satellite TV account, your installer contacts us. We know who to call at the satellite TV providers to get your account activated quickly. This means you, your staff, and clients can enjoy satellite TV right away. A Signal Connect rep will be your account manager who handles all changes you need made to your account.


As we said, we maintain a national database of professional RF installers. This means we’ve probably already worked with these professional in your area, and we’re happy to do it again. From the most remote, rural areas to bustling cities, the installers on our list who’ve handled more than thousands of square feet of coverage for businesses and companies of all sizes.

Talk to one of our enterprise and business solutions experts by calling us at 866-726-4182.


Don’t have time for a call? That’s okay. You can fill out this form and send it to us. One of our enterprise and business solutions experts will get in touch with you in one business day or less.