April 20, 2016

Satellite TV for Waiting Rooms

DIRECTV for Waiting Rooms


What’s the difference between a waiting room and an entertaining room? Satellite TV, of course! DIRECTV offers the kind of programming that appeals to everyone, from soccer moms to seniors. And watching their favorite shows is more enjoyable than thumbing through old, dog-eared copies of magazines. Say hello to DIRECTV and say goodbye to grumpy, impatient customers!

Why Satellite TV for your Waiting Room?

Because it can make your clients feel at home. Millions of people have DIRECTV, and many of them are your clients or patients. No matter who they are, it’s safe to say they agree upon one thing – waiting isn’t fun. But when they’re glued to their favorite program, they hardly notice that they’re in a waiting room at all!

DIRECTV ServiceThe DIRECTV Difference

Do you already have a TV in your waiting room? If so, don’t think for one second that your customers won’t notice the DIRECTV upgrade. Patients, clients, and customers form their opinion of your business based upon many factors. This is the first – and some might say the best – chance you have to show them the high-tech, personal approach you provide!

DIRECTV Could Increase Your Bottom Line

As you know, both Medicare and ACA guidelines are now tied to patient satisfaction. While patients certainly don’t like to be kept waiting, you can keep your patient satisfaction numbers high – and keep your reimbursements flowing – by giving the waiting room a technology makeover. DIRECTV’s best-in-class HD service should be at the top of the list!

Enjoy the Wait with Signal ConnectGive Them a Reason to Enjoy the Wait!

If you have DIRECTV, then you know this service delivers. High-quality audio and video matched with a wide variety of programming makes DIRECTV your go-to satellite service. Our packages offer choices between 30 to more than 140 channels. We also have a variety of add-on packages to help personalize your choice. When it comes to programming, DIRECTV has it… and we will deliver!

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectGet Equipped for Satellite TV

It’s your livelihood, so it deserves the best. That’s why you should work with us. Signal Connect is the satellite TV equipment expert. You need the gear, and our team can recommend the perfect dish-and-receiver combo for your needs. We’ve transformed the waiting rooms of businesses all across the country. Let us hook you up! Just call 866-726-4182.

Signal Connect for Break RoomsAdd Satellite TV to your Break and Conference Rooms!

Why not? In most cases, it’s simply a matter of adding another receiver or splitter. Don’t let the tech talk fool you. It’s easy for our installation crew to pipe DIRECTV into these areas. Your staff will love catching their favorite shows while they’re on break. You’ll also love the many benefits of satellite TV in your conference room.

Satellite TV for Your Waiting Room Starts Here!

It’s easy to bring satellite TV to your waiting room. Whether you want an upgrade or a brand new service, take a minute to fill out our online form. We’ll talk to you about DIRECTV’s awesome viewing packages. We’ll also make equipment recommendations then help bring it all into your budget.

Are you in a hurry to bring satellite TV to your waiting room?

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