May 6, 2016

Satellite TV for Oil Rigs


Satellite TV for Oil Rigs - Oil Rig Entertainment

Your Favorite Shows on the Platform

Isn’t it time to upgrade your oil rig media experience? Satellite TV is a great way to do this. You and your crew work hard, so you deserve to enjoy your favorite shows. Get satellite TV from Signal Connect. Your team will appreciate DIRECTV’s awesome programming. You’ll love its reliable service and many added features. Everyone wins with Signal Connect and DIRECTV!

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectProtect Your Crew with DIRECTV

Being out on an oil rig means being subject to the weather. DIRECTV delivers 99.9 percent reliability, even in bad weather. And speaking of bad weather, one unforeseen storm can be catastrophic when your 50 miles out to sea. DIRECTV’s programming includes several weather options. There’s no better way to stay ahead of developing storms in your area. Plan ahead with DIRECTV!

Enjoy the Wait with Signal ConnectWork Hard, Play Hard

The oil rig is a home away from home for all your workers. Why not give them the comforts of home that only DIRECTV can deliver? DIRECTV is the only company that has viewing packages specifically designed for oil rigs. This means unsurpassed HDTV reception and the best variety of channels for your crew. And DIRECTV’s DVR options means no one has to miss their favorite shows. They can record several programs at once then enjoy them when they’re off duty.

Satellite TV for SportsThe Best Sports-Viewing Packages

There are a lot of men on your oil rig, and these guys love their sports. DIRECTV has many great sports packages, including the DIRECTV exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ and NBA LEAGUE PASS. There also are soccer packages, ESPN GamePlan, and more. Signal Connect gives the guys their favorite teams, games and matches!

Satellite TV for InternationalThe Importance of International Programming

Do you have international workers on your oil rig? We recommend including international programming with your DIRECTV purchase. Add one or more foreign-language programs to your channel package. Your international workers will appreciate that you thought of them. And employees who feel appreciated are employees who go that extra mile for you and your company.

Signal Connect Your Choice for Oil Rig Entertainment

Off-shore drilling companies trust Signal Connect for their oil rig entertainment needs. Reliability is one of the biggest reasons for this trust. We offer the best satellite dishes, receivers, DVRs and associated equipment. Our team has installed these units on a variety of oil rigs. We can deliver DIRECTV to as many recreation rooms and cabins as you want. Everyone on your oil platform will enjoy all the benefits of satellite TV.

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