May 4, 2016

Satellite TV for Offices


Satellite TV for Offices

Because You Deserve the Very Best!

As a small business owner, you put in more hours than anyone to keep your company strong and stable. Why not reward yourself with satellite TV for your office? You deserve to enjoy DIRECTV’s high definition reception and variety of channels while you work nights and weekends. Satellite TV at the office also is a huge reinvestment in your company and employees. Let Signal Connect show you how!

Signal Connect for BusinessMorale-Boost at the Push of a Button

Show your employees that you care about them and they’ll go the extra mile for you. This is the first basic rule of business you should know to get the most out of your loyal team. Adding DIRECTV to the office breakroom is a huge morale booster. Your employees will be familiar with the channels, guide and remote. And they’ll absolutely love the crystal-clear reception. Signal Connect can match your office with a viewing program that delivers more than 140 channels of news, sports and entertainment.

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectDIRECTV for Weekend Warriors

As the owner, you work on the weekends to make sure everyone has a job on Monday. Adding DIRECTV to the office might inspire some employees to join you, especially if they’re football fans. DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket means no one has to miss the game. There’s other sports packages including MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠, NBA LEAGUE PASS, soccer packages, ESPN GamePlan and much more. Get DIRECTV and watch weekend participation at your office increase!

Satellite TV for InternationalDIRECTV for International Employees

Since America is the land of opportunity, many people come to work and live here. There’s a good chance your company has some employees who hail from other countries. DIRECTV’s international programming makes sure these folks don’t feel left out. Whether it’s sports, news or entertainment, your international employees will appreciate being able to watch their favorite shows from back home, wherever back home is.

Signal Connect Cellular BoostersCell Phone Signal Booster for Your Office

Are you a baby boomer boss leading a staff of Millennials? If so, you know how important cell phones and texting are to this younger generation. This is why you need a cell phone signal booster at the office. Enhanced signal means no more dropped calls or texts. Your employees won’t need to crowd your office’s bandwidth, which slows down everyone’s work. In the age of digital communication, a signal booster from Signal Connect is a very worthwhile investment!

Get Satellite TV for Offices Today!

You’ve paid the costs to be the boss. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labors and give back to those who help you make it happen. Just fill out our online form below to start enjoying the many benefits of digital satellite TV at your office. A member of the Signal Connect team will call you to discuss viewing packages, equipment and support.

If you’re in a hurry to get satellite TV, you always can call us! We can be reached at 866-726-4182.

We look forward to working with you very soon!