April 20, 2016

Satellite TV for Hospitals

Satellite TV for Hospitals

Satellite TV is the perfect addition to any hospital. It makes DIRECTV’s popular programming available to your patients, visitors and staff. Think of it as another way to show that you care. And caring for everyone who passes through your healthcare facility is what you do each day!

A Great Way to Improve the Stay

Satellite TV for hospitals improves everyone’s experience. The small pleasure of watching one’s favorite show means the world to a patient. Add the many amazing programs that DIRECTV offers and it becomes the ultimate room upgrade. In today’s market, satellite TV is a must-have for the healthcare industry – clinics, health departments, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities all benefit from it.

sch3Satellite TV is Patient Service

You know that reimbursements from the Affordable Healthcare Act and Medicare are partially based upon patient satisfaction. DIRECTV delivers the kind of satisfaction that six channels on a 19-inch standard definition TV cannot provide. Now, the simple joy of watching their favorite programs will make a short visit seem to go by quickly. Patients in for longer stays will enjoy programs by themselves and with loved ones.

Signal Connect is ReliableThe Reliable Satellite TV Solution for Hospitals

Want the best satellite TV service for hospitals? Signal Connect and DIRECTV are the solution. Our installation crews can fit a 48-channel system beneath a desk. We even have solutions that use existing in-wall wiring is for faster installation. This also lowers the chance of secondary issues such as dust and contamination. We provide a quick and effective installation with minimal interruption to a hospital’s daily operations.

Signal Connect - The comforts of homeSatellite TV Means All the Comforts of Home

DIRECTV makes patients feel at home. This service puts a familiar remote in the palms of their hands and provides access to up to 160 channels. There’s also a huge variety of foreign-language and on-demand programs at the push of a button! Whether your healthcare facility is big or small, Signal Connect will help you choose the right package for your needs.

Signal Connect = Patient ServiceSatellite TV for Hospital Waiting Rooms

Patients aren’t always patient in the waiting room. It’s a fact of the healthcare industry. Satellite TV in the hospital waiting room helps the time go by before they get admitted. DIRECTV will keep your patients’ eyes and minds focused upon their favorite news, sports, and other shows. Their wait will seem to go by in minutes. While you’re at it, why not add DIRECTV to hospital break rooms and conference rooms? Your staff will love it, and the team at Signal Connect is always happy to help!

Speaking of convenience, hospitals benefit from DIRECTV’s amazing service. Although issues are extremely rare, they sometimes happen. DIRECTV fixes these issues using remote monitoring. This means never having to wait for a repair crew to be on-site to fix the problem. Let’s face it, DIRECTV is the natural choice for satellite TV for hospitals.

Get Satellite TV for Hospitals Today!

Bringing satellite TV service to your hospital or clinic is easy when you work with Signal Connect. It all starts here, with our online form. Take a moment to fill it out and a member of our team will contact you to discuss viewing packages, equipment, and everything else you need to bring DIRECTV to your patients.

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