April 28, 2016

Satellite TV for Government Agencies

Signal Connect is a Government Contractor

Signal Connect is Your Contractor of Choice

Satellite TV in government facilities is nothing new. Unfortunately, that’s the problem. This technology has evolved since it was installed in your school, library or facility. It’s time for an upgrade, and Signal Connect can help. Our years of experience as a government contractor make us your No. 1 choice for DIRECTV programming and satellite TV components.

Signal Connect is the Company You Can Trust

Why? Because we’re a government contractor with nearly a decade of experience working with local and federal governments. We already understand the policies and procedures that are part of this work. We also utilize the unique technologies needed to meet military and DHS requirements. We have a department dedicated to GSA and other government contracts. Because of this wealth of knowledge and experience, our team has outfitted some of the most secure offices in the country.

Signal Connect for SchoolsSatellite TV for Schools

Your students benefit from the latest educational programming. DIRECTV brings high-quality educational programming to the school’s existing television sets. Our converters deliver high-definition DIRECTV to the school’s existing television sets. We also can deliver cell phone and wireless Internet service to the school. It’s time for a makeover from Signal Connect!

Signal Connect for GovernmentsSatellite TV for Local Governments

Wants to modernize your municipal offices? Signal Connect has the best solutions. We can upgrade your satellite TV service to DIRECTV’s amazing programming. Our team also can create a wireless network that won’t compromise your security. Signal Connect even can help you with equipment for televising government proceedings.

Signal Connect for GovernmentSatellite TV for Federal Government Facilities

Federal government facilities need high-quality video and data distribution. There are rules about what types of wires to use in secure government facilities. Since cable doesn’t pass the test, satellite TV is the obvious choice. Cable lines are shared with other users in the area, which makes it easy for hackers to capture information. Satellite TV cuts the cord to provide a higher level of data security. It’s the ideal digital communications delivery system for federal government facilities.

Signal Connect for MilitarySatellite TV for Military

The US Military depends upon Solid Signal for its satellite TV needs. We also can help provide secure cell phone and Internet service for bases and personnel. Let Signal Connect deliver HDTV programming to your bases, barracks and facilities. We can work directly with your personnel or with base officers to deliver the experience you want.

Signal Connect for LibrariesSatellite TV for Libraries

Library patrons demand satellite TV, wireless Internet and other digital services, but limited budgets are always a concern. What’s a librarian to do? Call the team at Signal Connect! We’re provide affordable DIRECTV and satellite equipment packages to libraries. Our team even can help you work through the bidding process to help you get everything you need!

Ready to Upgrade Your Satellite TV Service?

Signal Connect is here to help! Just fill out our online form, then return it to us. A member of our team will call to discuss viewing packages, equipment, etc. The process is simple, quick and friendly.

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