April 27, 2016

Satellite TV for Gyms and Shops


Satellite TV for Gyms and Shops


Entertainment for Working Out or Waiting In

Adding satellite TV is reinvesting in your business. Why? Because it makes your customers feel like they’re at home when they’re with you. This is especially true if you have DIRECTV in your gym or shop. Isn’t it time you added best-in-class service and program variety to your business?

Satellite TV for Gyms and ShopsSatellite TV for Gyms

Do you own a gym? If so, you have the latest exercise and cardio machines that come with built-in video screens. But if you don’t have DIRECTV, you’re missing the latest innovation in entertainment. Put yourself in your clients’ athletic shoes. Those long jogs on the treadmill will seem like less of a chore when you’re watching a great TV program. Maybe you already have video in your gym. Are you getting all the channels you want in high definition? Customers demand high quality video everywhere they go and they’ll use their own data plans if you don’t provide it. This costs them more money, and eventually causes them to look for another gym.

For Nail SalonsSatellite TV for Salons and Spas

Your services might be worth the wait, but nobody likes to wait. Liven up your salon or spa’s waiting room with DIRECTV. There is nothing your guests want more than to enjoy a show in high-definition audio and video. DIRECTV delivers more than 140 channels right to your guests’ fingertips. International packages are also available that your customers and your employees may enjoy.

DIRECTV – Your Go-To Satellite TV Service

Do you have DIRECTV at home? Then you already love its high-quality audio and video. At Signal Connect, we have packages that offer the same great programming you enjoy at home. Signal Connect also has extra viewing packages to help personalize your choice.

Upgrade to DIRECTV Today!

Maybe you already have a TV in your waiting room. DIRECTV is a huge improvement over a few channels playing on a standard-definition TV set. In an auto repair shop, DIRECTV provides an experience that could lead to good online reviews. In a healthcare business, DIRECTV adds to patient satisfaction. That’s an important part of Medicare and ACA guidelines. Truthfully, any business benefits from a DIRECTV entertainment makeover!

Improve Wireless Service at your Gym or Shop

You should add a signal booster to your satellite TV package. These amazing devices enhance wireless service to cell phones, tablets and other devices. Don’t let your business be a dead zone. Signal Connect has cell phone boosters to make your gym or shop a hot spot for wireless traffic. It’s an easy and affordable amenity for your business!

Get Satellite TV for Gyms and Shops Today!

Are you ready for the DIRECTV difference? Just fill out our online form then return it to us. A member of our team will call to discuss viewing packages, equipment, etc. The process is simple, quick and friendly.

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