April 22, 2016

Satellite TV for Bars and Restaurants

DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants

Add This Then Watch Your Sales Ad Up!

Satellite TV for bars and restaurants is the greatest thing since cold beer. And speaking of beer, DIRECTV lets you to benefit from something we call “beer math.” What’s that? It’s a simple mathematical formula that allows you to make more money. You might even get a return on your DIRECTV investment with just one big game!

Satellite TV for SportsIt’s All About the Sports

America’s love for sports has its advantages. Team pride and the excitement of a game brings people together. DIRECTV’s sports packages cover your bases, so to speak. Packages include the DIRECTV exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ and NBA LEAGUE PASS, plus soccer packages, ESPN GamePlan, and more! There’s a package for every popular sport so you don’t need to miss out!

Satellite TV for InternationalDon’t Forget International Programming

Considering satellite TV for bars and restaurants? Don’t forget DIRECTV’s international programming. This is a huge moneymaker for international communities. It lets customers watch sports from around the world. Think of the crowds that a world soccer game would draw. Your registers will ring each time the announcer shouts “Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal!”

Satellite TV means more salesSatellite TV Leads to Repeat Business

Let’s go back to “beer math.” It’s simple, really. People stay longer when they watch a game. When they stay, they buy more food and drinks. When they buy more food and drinks you make more money. You provide the total experience that people crave. This means great online reviews which bring in more customers. “Beer math” is the best reason to get satellite TV for bars and restaurants.


Add DIRECTV’s Private Viewing

DIRECTVYou pay to show satellite TV to your customers. It’s less costly to have DIRECTV in your office. DIRECTV’s private viewing packages cost nearly as much as your home package. It’s an affordable way to boost employee morale. Plus, you get to watch DIRECTV while you’re in your counting your earnings for the night!


Get Connected and Get Control

Satellite TV for bars and restaurants should connect to the Internet. Your Signal Connect rep will show you how you can control every TV in your bar with just one smartphone or tablet. Your customers will never see you scroll whenever you access the guide. If our installation crew is on its way, networking is a quick and easy add.

Improve Wireless Service in One Easy Step

Signal boosters enhance service to all cell phones, tablets or similar devices. On game night, a sea of faces lit up by wireless devices means everyone is having fun. (It’s true!) Signal Connect can turn your bar or restaurant into a wireless “hot spot” today. It’s the perfect add on to your satellite TV package.

Get Satellite TV for Bars and Restaurants Today!

DIRECTV is a great way to earn more profits. Signal Connect is here to take you through the process. Just take a moment to fill out our online form. We’ll call you to discuss viewing packages, equipment, and everything else you need. The process is simple, quick and friendly.

Want that “beer math” to add up right away? Just give us a call at 866-726-4182.