July 25, 2017

Satellite TV for Apartment Buildings and High Rises


DIRECTV for Apartment Buildings

Were you told you couldn’t get DIRECTV in your apartment building or high-rise office complex? You won’t get that same treatment with us.  Signal Connect delivers DIRECTV to buildings, even those that are more than two stories tall.  No job is too tough, or too high in the sky.  Signal Connect is sure to get it done and done right the first time!

As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, Signal Connect delivers satellite TV to apartment complexes and office buildings. Why is this an issue? Because DIRECTV doesn’t install its services in buildings over two stories high. We’ve had a few customers come our way after a DIRECTV installer told them they clients they couldn’t have satellite TV because the building was too high. Signal Connect specializes in delivering DIRECTV where others cannot, and this includes apartment buildings and multi-story office complexes. If you want DIRECTV but were told your building was too high, we can help. Our three-step process easily delivers DIRECTV for apartment buildings and high-rises.

Step 1: DIRECTV Landlord Permission

Whether it’s an apartment building or business complex, it’s best to check with your landlord before installing satellite TV equipment. When you work with Signal Connect, we do this for you. We’ll call your landlord to discuss DIRECTV installation requirements and the particulars of your lease. In many cases, you can have DIRECTV if a non-penetrating roof mount is used. Our affiliate company Solid Signal stocks a huge variety of roof mounts and accessories, DIRECTV satellite dishes, and everything else to deliver satellite TV to you. This is one of the many benefits to having us handle your DIRECTV installation.

Step 2: DIRECTV Installation

Once we get it all squared away with your landlord, we send a professional DIRECTV installer to your location. We work with a national listing of experienced satellite TV installers who have hooked up DIRECTV in situations similar to yours. Your installer will arrive on site with all the equipment he or she needs to install DIRECTV for your apartment complex or business high-rise. Our installer partners do a thorough job of bringing DIRECTV satellite entertainment to commercial and residential clients just like you!

Step 3: DIRECTV Activation

If an installer tried to activate your DIRECTV account, he/she would call the DIRECTV customer service number. Since DIRECTV is a very busy corporation, it receives hundreds of thousands of calls each day. It’s too easy for someone who’s inexperienced with DIRECTV activation to be put on hold and become lost in the company’s call center. As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, we know exactly who to call to get your satellite TV account activated quickly. In many cases, we’ve had DIRECTV accounts up and running in as little as 10 minutes. The less you have to wait means the sooner you can enjoy your favorite news, sports, weather, and entertainment in DIRECTV’s high-definition format.

Attention Landlords!

Did you know that you and your other tenants can benefit from a single DIRECTV installation atop your building? This single dish can service multiple apartments or office spaces at once. It’s a great solution for apartments without terraces or where the rules don’t allow satellite dishes on terraces. There are many other benefits to having DIRECTV atop your apartment building or business complex:

  • You get a single, professional satellite TV installation.
  • That one dish can services a near-unlimited number of apartments.
  • You can use the same equipment and get the same DIRECTV discounts as the original client.
  • Wiring can be done a floor at a time to make installation/activation easier for new tenants.
  • Building management has a direct line to a local installer who knows the property and can address any problems.
  • The management avoids constant damage to the apartment from yearly installs of different equipment for new tenants.

Get DIRECTV for Apartment Buildings and High-Rises

Are you ready to have DIRECTV in your apartment complex, office, or business high-rise? Signal Connect is here to walk you through the process. Just take a moment to fill out our online form. We’ll call you to discuss viewing packages, equipment, and everything else you need to enjoy DIRECTV at your apartment complex or office building. The process is simple, quick, and friendly.

Want DIRECTV for apartment complexes or high-rise business buildings right away? Just give us a call at 866-726-4182 or fill out the form below and we will respond within one business day.