July 12, 2019

Services for Healthcare Facilities


As a medical industry professional, you depend on a variety of RF installations every day. The most common RF installations in hospitals and medical centers include:

  • Access control systems
  • Nurse calls
  • Paging systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Security camera systems

All these are examples of RF installations commonly found in the healthcare industry. These systems help you do what you do best, which is healing sick and injured people. Since lives depend on it, you need the best equipment, system design, and installation services.

 Cellular Phone Boosters for Medical Centers

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need cell phone signal boosters. These buildings have a lot of metal, brick, and other materials that block cellular signal. This is bad for anyone who needs to make or take calls in your medical center. They’ll struggle with bad connections, dropped calls, and missed texts. A cell phone booster or distributed antenna system (DAS) helps restore cellular connectivity for hospitals, urgent care facilities, and medical centers. This makes it an extremely important RF installation.

Satellite TV for Medical Facilities

Waiting is an unfortunate but necessary part of hospitals and medical centers. Satellite TV is a great way to entertain patients and their families. When these folks get caught up watching their favorite shows, time seems to fly. Your staff will also enjoy watching satellite TV on their breaks. When you take these things into consideration, satellite TV is no longer a luxury. It’s actually a very useful RF installation for the healthcare industry.

RF Installations for Healthcare Facilities

Does your medical center need an RF installation? If so, you should work with a company you can depend on. That company is Signal Connect. We specialize in RF distribution. Whether it’s a medical center that needs a new nurse call system or a hospital that wants satellite TV, we’ll do it all. Every RF installation we handle follows this painstaking three-step process:

  1. We’ll recommend the best electronics equipment from our retail division, Solid Signal.
  2. Our expert will create a custom floor plan analysis and system design.
  3. The Signal Connect team will match your business with a qualified local installer.

Once the installer finishes the job, we stay on to give you continued service. We’ll assign a dedicated manager to your account. They’ll answer questions and provides changes to your account when you need them. This free service sets us apart from other large-scale commercial RF distribution providers. It shows how dedicated we are to giving the best customer service to our healthcare industry clients.

Contact Signal Connect Today!

RF distribution for hospitals and medical centers are serious undertakings. We expect you have questions about these installations and how we make them happen. Our RF experts are happy to provide you with all the information about it. You can call us at 877-312-4547 or fill out the form below then click “submit.” A Signal Connect representative will get back to you in one business day or less.