May 12, 2016

DIRECTV 4K: An Astounding Upgrade



The Resolution WILL be Televised!

DIRECTV 4K programming is the premiere satellite TV experience. The 4K format, aka Ultra HD or Ultra High Def, delivers DIRECTV’s highest-quality resolution. Nothing else is as crisp, clear, and life-like. To get the best satellite TV service, you have to work with the best DIRECTV-authorized dealer – Signal Connect. If you’re ready for the ultimate DIRECTV upgrade, we have everything you need!

4K Means Unparalleled Picture Performance

DIRECTV 4K programming is the best picture format available. It’s four times the resolution quality of 1080p HD. It also delivers theater-quality Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. Live sports and exclusive 4K programming comes to life right before your eyes! Signal Connect wants to get you started with this amazing, high-definition programming to your home. Are you ready to invest in the best?

DIRECTV 4K Programming – What You Need


To enjoy this high-quality programming in your home requires an upgrade. It starts with a new digital satellite TV receiver – the DIRECTV HR54 Genie DVR. This receiver allows you to record up to five shows at once, then enjoy them in any room of your house with nothing more than a small, quiet client box in each room. Combined with 4K programming, it’s the best HD-DVR receiver that DIRECTV has to offer!

The 4K Format and Your TV

To get 4K, you’ll need a 4K-ready TV. Your set needs at least one HDMI port that supports HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2. You’ll also need a high-speed HDMI cable for the connection. For Smart TVs that aren’t 4K-ready, you’ll need a DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Client. And for the do-it-yourselfers, we have a compatibility chart and guide to aid you in your 4K upgrade.

4K Programming Packages

Three channels of DIRECTV’s 4K programming are available on its Premier and Ultimate programming packages. This includes live sporting events and a wide variety of live and downloadable pay-per-view content. One call to us delivers these viewing packages to you in crystal-clear 4K format. No other cable or satellite provider has even one channel of 4K content!

Some Good News About Your Dish!

4K programming is here now. And if you have HD programming, it will work with the dish you already have. In the coming months, you’ll need nothing more than a small upgrade to a Reverse Band 3 LNB to stay “future-proofed” as 4K starts to grow. Signal Connect will keep you informed on all 4K developments. We’re your satellite TV equipment experts, and this is our continued dedication to you.

Signal Connect is Your 4K Connection!

DIRECTV 4K programming is an elite service and you’re an elite client. Let Signal Connect provide you with the premiere service you deserve. From your equipment to its installation, we’ll take care of everything. This is concierge service at its best, and it’s only available through Signal Connect.

If you’re ready for the best in high-definition satellite TV, just fill out our online form below. Someone from Signal Connect will contact you to discuss viewing packages, equipment, and support. You also can call us directly at 866-726-4182.