March 17, 2020

Broadband Solutions from Signal Connect

Did you know the same cellular data that powers your phone can be turned into a reliable network with WiFi and Ethernet connections?

Are you an RV user? You can take gotW3 wireless products on-the-go and get high-speed data. Live in a Rural Area? No existing cables needed. Pick up high-speed signals over the air waves.

With gotW3, you have everything you need in the box, including the gotW3 router, the SIM Card, and the power adapter.

Plug it in and get started instantly!

This works as a combined wired/wireless network connection device designed to be the primary Internet access for various applications, such as small business/home offices, kiosks, SD WAN gateways, IoT devices, fax connectivity, and alarm systems – anywhere Internet access is needed.
  • FAST internet anywhere there’s a cell signal

  • Connect to it via WiFi or Ethernet

  • The wireless solution that’s on-the-go

  • Great solution for work-from-home

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