Demo Page for AirTV manual

The Missing Manual

How do I find new apps for my AirTV?

Once you are in the Google Play Store screen, it is very easy to search for apps.

With your voice

Press the microphone button at the top of the remote. Say the name of the app you are looking for.

With the onscreen keyboard

Arrow up to the microphone icon and then arrow right to the keyboard icon. Press OK on the remote.  

Then, use the arrows and the on-screen keyboard to make your choice. When you are done, press OK on the remote.

With a Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have connected a Bluetooth Keyboard (see “Can I use a keyboard with my AirTV?“) arrow up to the microphone, arrow over to the keyboard icon and press OK on the remote. Then you can type your request.

Installing apps

Here, you can see that a search for “Hulu app” brought up this screen. To install this app, press OK.

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