May 6, 2016

Signal Boosters for Hotels and Motels

Signal Connect for Hotels and Motels

Give Guests ALL the Comforts of Home

As a hotel or motel owner, what does hospitality mean to you? Chances are, your answer is “providing my guests with a pleasant experience.” If you want happy guests, help them stay connected to their cell phones and wireless devices. A signal booster delivers optimal wireless service throughout your entire property. Signal Connect is your cell phone signal booster solution!

It’s a Wireless World…

… And everyone’s faces are lit up by cell phone screens. This reality makes signal boosters a must-have for your motel. It keeps your guests from experiencing a dropped call or missed text. In today’s wireless world, Internet reviews can make or break your business. You have a vested interest in keeping your guests connected.

Cater to the Traveling Businessperson

A signal booster at your property keeps the economy humming along. It’s true! Every traveling businessperson takes their office with them. It’s inside their cell phone, tablet or laptop. Maintaining this connection is crucial to their success. A signal booster allows these folks to call back to headquarters from their room. Signal Connect is your answer to this kind of flawless cell phone reception.

A “Game Room” in Every Room

Do you play video games on your cell phone? Your guests do, too. Imagine how they might feel if they couldn’t unwind with their favorite game at the end of a long day. This is yet another reason why you need a cell signal booster on your property. It means high scores for your guests and your business!

Solid Signal Means Availability, Performance and Service!

We have commercial-grade cell booster systems that can handle even the largest hotels, motels and convention centers. Concierge service is Signal Connect’s biggest strength. We recommend a cell signal booster package and our crew provides a flawless installation. We’re also happy to answer your questions. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you and your guests happy!

Boost the Signal at your Hotel Today!

Increase your reputation for guest service with a signal booster. It’s easy when you work with us at Signal Connect. Just fill out our online form below or give us a call. A member of the Signal Connect team will recommend the signal booster product best suited for your hotel. You can reach us at 866-726-4182, or through the form below.