April 27, 2016

Signal Boosters for Gyms and Shops


Signal Connect Cellular Booster Solutions

Because We’re Living in a Wireless World!

Wireless communication is an important part of your customers’ lives. Calling and texting is now considered “quality, one-on-one time” with family and friends. Don’t let your clients’ connections come to a crashing halt inside your business. Keep the lines of communication open with a cell phone signal booster.

How a Signal Booster Helps Your Business

If your customers know what a signal booster is, they’d ask you to install one in your business. At best, they might say they want better cell phone service at your gym or shop. At Signal Connect, we know what this means. Your customers crave reliable voice and data. This means no dropped calls or missed texts. It also means they want quicker uploads/downloads, wider coverage and less dead zones. A cell phone signal booster delivers all this and more!

Signal Connect is ReliableA Signal Booster IS Customer Service

As a gym owner, you see your guests work out with phones on their arms and headphones in their heads. The mirrors, windows and metal objects in your gym scatter their cell phone signal. It’s no different for any business. Thick walls and other aspects of building construction are no friend to wireless connection. A cell phone booster overcomes these limitations. This is why your business needs this device. Customer satisfaction is the key to success, after all!

Signal Connect Cellular BoostersSignal Connect is Your Signal Booster Solution

Do you own a salon, spa or shop that’s about 1,000 square feet in size? We have a signal booster for you. What if you operate a 20,000 square-foot gym? We have a cell phone booster for you, too. Signal Connect has the hook up for any and all business types. Best of all, most clients set up their signal boosters by themselves. If you have any installation questions, just call our tech support team. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk you through the process.

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectSomething Else to Improve Your Clients’ Experience

Have you considered providing satellite TV at your gym, shop or other business? This service would be the perfect addition. Entertaining your guests improves their overall experience with your company. Let our team recommend a DIRECTV viewing package and the dish-and-receiver combo. We’ve already helped many gym and shop owners. Let us help you, too!

Get Your Signal Booster Today!

Ready to improve your customers’ wireless experience? We can help deliver more bars to your business! It’s as easy as picking up the phone and telling our reps you want a signal booster. They’ll help you choose the best one for your business’s size and needs. Call Signal Connect at 866-726-4182 or fill out the form below.