May 6, 2016

Signal Boosters for Dorms



Signal Boosters – the Educated Choice!

Do you have a cellular signal booster in your dorms? If not, the facility might be seen as the black hole of dropped calls, bad reception and missed texts. You don’t want students or their parents to think of the dorm like that! Breathe some life into the “dead zone” with a cell phone signal booster from Signal Connect. Your students are also your guests, and they’ll appreciate this amenity.

It’s More Than Just Cell Phone Service

Did you know that few college students own TVs anymore? These days, it seems that people prefer to get news, sports and entertainment delivered to their cellphones, tablets and other wireless devices. This is a very good reason to have a complete signal booster service from Signal Connect. The enhanced signal broadcast by these devices means less people trying to use your bandwidth, which just slows everyone down. Improve your dorm’s wireless service with a signal booster from Signal Connect!

Why Signal Connect?

Because we only deal in industrial-strength cell phone signal boosters, antennas and equipment. These aren’t just glorified versions of single-home systems. Our cell phone signal boosters are designed to handle super-high volumes of traffic. You can utilize multiple antennas from a one signal booster, or multiple boosters from a single outdoor antenna. You can trust our equipment and installation team to provide exceptional data service to all your residents. Signal Connect is your source for top-quality cell phone signal booster service!

Satellite TV from Signal ConnectSatellite TV for Dorms

As a DIRECTV authorized dealer, Signal Connect can bring all the wonderful programming of satellite TV to dormitories. We have a variety of viewing packages that serves any school’s diverse student body. We’re also your No. 1 source for satellite TV equipment and installation. In most instances, our service crew can use the pre-existing wiring from your local cable provider to bring DIRECTV’s high definition entertainment to your dorms and entire campus.

Signal Connect - The comforts of homeDIRECTV Packages for Off-Campus Housing

Why limit DIRECTV to just your school’s dormitories? Students and faculty who live in family housing and college-owned apartments would love this service, too. DIRECTV’s wide variety of programming in crisp, clean HDTV adds value to all on-campus housing options. When you provide DIRECTV, you’re giving your residents another reason to stay. Contact Signal Connect, your source for all things satellite TV.

Try Signal Connect’s Concierge Service

Getting signal boosters for dorms has never been easier, thanks to our dedication to client service. If you make the decisions for your college or university, you might not be a communications technology industry insider. We are, which makes us the perfect partner to help bring cell booster service to the dorms. Just fill out our online form then send it to us. A member of our customer service team will review your information, then call you with a product recommendation best suited to your needs. You also can call us at 866-726-4182.