Your Marine Electronics Solution: Signal Connect

control panel and helm on motor yacht

Your Marine Electronics Solution: Signal Connect 

Whether you pilot a luxury vessel or commercial craft, you want to stay safe on the water.  A marine electronics failure is one of the worst things that can happen when you’re in the boat.  You might be able to navigate your way to shore with only a compass, but navigation equipment failure isn’t the only problem you could face.  This is why your boat needs dependable marine products and devices.  Signal Connect is your connection to a world of top-quality marine electronics that you need for your craft.    

Your Marine Electronics Store

To understand how Signal Connect can help you with marine electronics products, you have to understand Solid Signal.  This online electronics retailer is a division of Signal Connect.  Think of Solid Signal as a marine electronics superstore.  The company carries a huge selection of marine electronics systems.  Solid Signal offers amazing pricing for these devices with no marine dealer markups.  If you have any questions, the company’s team of talented product experts will answer them.  They can even offer product recommendations if you’re not sure which device is best for your boat.

Marine Radios from Solid Signal

A marine band radio is an essential for any boat that travels far from shore.  This device keeps you connected while you’re out on the water, and each has plenty of features that help in emergency situations.  With the safety of yourself, your crew, and your guests on the line, you need a marine radio you can trust.  Solid Signal carries a variety of marine radios from Boss, Uniden, and other top-selling manufacturers.  If it’s time to upgrade your ship’s radio, the product experts at Solid Signal will work with you to find the one that’s best for your boat.

Marine GPS and Navigation Accessories

For a boat owner or captain, there are few things worse than being lost at sea.  A marine GPS system, aka boat GPS, helps protect against this.  Solid Signal stocks a variety of marine GPS systems and navigation accessories to help you stay on course.  If you know what you need, you’ll find it in Solid Signal’s online inventory.  If you have questions or need assistance, the company’s team of product experts are here to help.  Whether it’s transducers, marine antennas, or anything else you need.  Solid Signal carries it.  If you need any marine electronics products, or have any questions, give Solid Signal a call at 877.312.4547.

Marine Signal Boosters

Whether it’s you, your guests, or your crew, everyone wants to use their cell phone when they’re on the water.  Too bad most cell service starts to fade when you’re less than two miles from shore.  There is a way to improve the way you and others send and receive calls and data on board.  A marine signal booster significantly reduces dead zones and dropped calls and texts.  While the success will vary, it’s not uncommon to get great cell phone and internet up to five miles from shore.

If you want a signal booster for marine use, Signal Connect and Solid Signal come together to help you.  We recommend one of two Shakespeare marine cell phone boosters found in Solid Signal’s online inventory.  Signal Connect has a network of qualified marine installers who can install your Shakespeare marine cell booster.  Signal Connect’s marine experts are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your cell booster. 

Marine Electronics from Signal Connect

By now, you know that Solid Signal has the marine electronics systems you need, and Signal Connect is your marine signal booster connection.  These aren’t even the best part about working with us.  Both companies are known for our concierge-level customer support.  This means that when you call us, you talk directly with a U.S.-based customer support representative.  This person will answer all your questions and recommend the right marine electronics system for your boat.  Our team is also available after the sale in case you have any questions.  If you’re ready to improve the cell phone communication on your vessel, call us at 866-726-4182.