Tips for Operating a Successful Marina

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Tips for Operating a Successful Marina

Marina owners should always look for ways to make their business more attractive to boaters and boat owners.  While it seems that a lot goes into operating a thriving marina, your success comes down to two things: services and amenities.  Does your business offer the best of both?  You’ll know it when you do because your guests will keep coming back.  To help you operate the best marina you can, Signal Connect lists the top marina services and amenities for freshwater and saltwater businesses.  We also offer help in a few key areas of marina services.  Check it out!

The Best Marina Services

As you know, marina services describes what you have to offer your guests and their vessels.  Fuel isn’t the only thing these boats and boat owners require.  There are a variety of services your guests need and expect the moment they pull their craft into a berth.  Whether your guests pilot a cabin cruiser, yacht, or superyacht, those vessels will need to be serviced during their stay with you.  Why send that business to someone else on the shore when you should be offering these things onsite?

Here are just some of the marina services that you’ll need to keep your guests happy:

  • Adequate berths for a variety of the boats
  • Short- and long-term berthing options
  • Electricity and water
  • Air-conditioned washrooms and showers
  • Onsite laundry services
  • Professional yacht services (electronic engineers, riggers, etc.)
  • Onsite fuel services
  • 24-hour manned and CCTV security
  • Onsite refuse, gray, and black water disposal
  • Onsite customs and immigration (for marinas that attract international travelers)
  • Complete boat storage services
  • And much more

Marina Amenities

The term “amenities” describes desirable features found in a building or place.  To those in marina management, these things should be considered necessities.  Whether you have a freshwater marina or a saltwater one, today’s marinas continue to offer more to guests.  As a result, these folks become accustomed to a certain level of service.  You can provide it to them as long as your marina has what they expect.  Keep in mind, every marina has slightly different demographics, and what might work in one won’t apply to another. 

Here are some of the most sought after marina amenities: 

  • Members lounge/clubhouse/bar
  • Heated swimming pool and outdoor deck
  • Onsite restaurant with outdoor deck
  • Party pavilion and picnic area
  • Marina store
  • Kids’ clubs and playgrounds
  • Water sports and similar activities
  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Fitness/wellness center
  • Tennis courts
  • Luxury spa and beauty parlor
  • Designated shopping area with various designer boutiques
  • And much more

DIRECTV for Marinas

When it comes to marina amenities, DIRECTV is an excellent one to have.  Look, many of your guests probably have this satellite TV service in their homes and even on their boats.  Because of this, they’ve grown accustomed to enjoying DIRECTV’s wide variety of content in stunning high definition or 4K reception.  In other words, they’re used to having the best and they want it wherever they go.  You can meet this expectation by providing DIRECTV in your clubhouse and any other place where people tend to gather.  You might be surprised by all the positive effects that come from adding satellite TV entertainment to your marina.

DIRECTV is right at home in your clubhouse or bar.  With its many sports packages, your clubhouse will fill with people who are excited who want to watch the big game, whatever game that might be.  These folks will likely stay longer and order more food and drinks than they normally would.  It’s a proven moneymaking principle that we like to call “beer math.”  As long as you have DIRECTV, it works.  Why not use it to benefit your marina? 

Wi-Fi Access Points and Cell Phone Boosters

How’s the connectivity at your marina?  Do you, your guests, and staff constantly battle with poor connection and dead zones?  If so, this is bad news… but it can be fixed quickly and easily.  In addition to DIRECTV, Signal Connect also offers a selection of Wi-Fi access points and cell boosters.  Let’s face it, complimentary wireless internet is pretty much the thing now for most businesses.  How else are your guests going to “check in” on Facebook?  (Believe it or not, that helps promote your marina!)

If you want to improve Wi-Fi and cell phone connection at your marina, call Signal Connect.  We carry a wide selection of Wi-Fi access points and cell signal boosters that are suited for marinas.  We won’t just sell you the product and leave you on own to figure it out.  Signal Connect can provide the best installation plan and even match you with a professional installer from our network.  Bottom line: we’ll do what it takes to make sure your guests stay connected on your property.

How Signal Connect Helps Marina Owners

Signal Connect is the undisputed experts in marine satellite TV, Wi-Fi access points, and cell boosters.  We’ve brought these services to marinas, boats, and even oil rigs.  Signal Connect can help you, too.  How?  By having a real, live human being take your call, for starters.  There’s no being put on hold or getting transferred when you call us.  You’ll talk to one of our knowledgeable sales reps who will gently walk you through the process of getting what your marina needs.  They’ll start by answering any questions you have.  Get the answers you need by calling 866-726-4182.