The Best DIRECTV Receiver for Businesses

h25-com commercial directv receiver

The Best DIRECTV Receiver for Businesses

DIRECTV is the best live TV option for business such as bars, restaurants, and hotels.  There really isn’t a viable commercial streaming or cable TV option for commercial installations, while DIRECTV offers the best news, sports, and entertainment programming.  It’s a much better value, and DIRECTV is more reliable, too.  If you’re a business owner who has DIRECTV at home, you might be wondering which receiver is best to use at your business.  Signal Connect, your commercial DIRECTV dealer, answers this question.     

What’s the Best DIRECTV Commercial Receiver?

It’s natural for someone to ask this question, especially when they’re making a substantial investment in electronic equipment.  When it comes to commercial DIRECTV receivers, there’s no easy way to answer this questions.  There’s no overall receiver that’s the best, but there is the receiver that’s ideal for your installation.  The reps at Signal Connect always recommend the receiver that’s the best one for you based upon the unique factors of your installation. 

If this is your first experience with commercial DIRECTV, there’s one thing you need to know: there’s no DVR.  Generally speaking, you can’t use a DVR in a commercial setting due to various copyright and public viewing legalities.  If you think about it, you don’t really need a DVR in a commercial setting, anyway.  If you own a bar or restaurant, for example, your customers aren’t coming in to watch something you’ve recorded from the day before.  Besides, DIRECTV has an amazing channel selection and the biggest variety of sports programming.


h25-com commercial directv receiver

Do you have a small business that won’t need a huge DIRECTV setup?  If so, we typically recommend the H25 commercial receiver.  It’s smaller and lighter than any other DIRECTV satellite receiver, and it uses less energy.  This DIRECTV receiver is controlled with the DIRECTV remote control that comes with it.  You also can control your receiver with your tablet and/or cell phone.

Here’s another good thing about the DIRECTVs H25: it can be scaled up if you need it.  It features technology that lets you run more than 100 receivers off a single dish if you need to.  Chances are, you probably won’t ever have to do this, but it’s good to know it’s there if you need it.  The DIRECTV H25 receiver is also good in the other direction in that it supports older tube televisions if you have the right cable to connect it.

The COM3000 Commercial Headend System 

directv commercial headend system receiver

This headend system allows a single chassis about the size of an old-school VCR to provide over 160 channels of HD to any TV using a simplified wiring scheme.  It can be configured with as few as six HD channels to start, and can be upgraded to include more channels on-site.  The COM3000 uses MPEG-4 televisions that are almost the same price as other TVs of the same quality.  If your business already has TVs on site, you can use a small “terminator” about the size of a deck of cards, that must be added to each TV.

There are benefits to using the COM3000 headend system for your commercial DIRECTV installation.  It provides businesses with an easier installation and a better path from existing cable television installations.  It also supports unlimited 4K televisions with DIRECTV’s class-leading 4K television service.

Signal Connect for Commercial DIRECTV 

Signal Connect is a DIRECTV dealer that has built its reputation on doing commercial accounts.  We’ve sold and serviced thousands of such accounts, from bars and restaurants to hotels, hospitals, and other large installations.  Even if you don’t know which receiver is best for your commercial DIRECTV installation, our customer service reps do.  They make themselves available to answer any question you might have about commercial DIRECTV installation.  From DIRECTV programming to equipment, activation, and anything else, Signal Connect’s reps are here to help you.  

If you would like to know more about commercial DIRECTV accounts from Signal Connect, there are two ways to contact us.  For those who are up for a little chat, give us a call at 866.726.4182.  When you dial this number, it directly connects you to a live customer service rep from our U.S.-based call center.  If your busy work schedule rules out making a phone call, you can also fill out the form below and submit it to us.