Sports Bar Marketing Tips

Sports Bar Marketing

Sports Bar Marketing Tips

Owners of sports bars know that business booms on game days.  But what about those times between major sports events?  Sometimes it can be a challenge to get people through your doors when there’s not a game going on.  Signal Connect wants to help sports bar owners enjoy success every night of the week.  We’ve installed DIRECTV in a number of sports bars and pubs across the country.  We reached out to the bar owners we know and asked them to share tips that continue to work for them.  To help your business succeed, we share these sports bar marketing tips.   

Sports Bar Decorating Ideas

To be considered a sports bar, your business has to have a sports-like atmosphere. It’s not just about decorations, it’s about the total décor. It starts when you hang pennants, pictures, and other memorabilia on the walls and behind the bar. Sports decorations are great, but these items are just a start toward your overall sports theme.

Your staff uniforms can contribute to your bar’s sports theme. The referee’s uniform is the most tried-and-true sports bar attire. If you’re really creative, you can design a custom jersey with your bar’s logo. On game days, your staff could wear the jerseys of their favorite team or whatever team is playing that day.  It helps if your employees know about sports.  The customers will love this, and it will likely improve the tips they earn.

Sports Bar Advertising Ideas

Your sports bar’s marketing plan must include a strong social media presence. A strong presence on social media platforms offers an effective and free way to promote your bar. You could also maintain a text-message marketing campaign through various services. This sends your promos directly to every customer who signs up. (Offer some type of free incentive to encourage people to sign up.) While we’re on the subject of marketing, be sure to include traditional methods.  Sponsoring a local sports team and buying radio ads during sports talk programs are great sports bar advertising methods.  

Would you believe that sports bars also attract people who aren’t big sports fans?  It’s true.  Think about the pre-teens and teenagers who come to the bar with their parents on game night.  It’s a good idea to have something to entertain them, as well.  Arcade and pinball games are usually a great choice, since you earn profits from these things.  You can also attract adults – sports fans or not – with trivia night competitions.  Many sports bars offer these popular events on nights when there aren’t any games, and in the off-seasons of the most popular sports.  Anything you can offer that’s fun and likely to attract a crowd should be thoroughly considered.

Sports Coverage is a Must for Sports Bars

Your sports bar isn’t a sports bar if you’re not able to broadcast games to your customers.  If your business is in a state that has a college or professional team nearby, you have to show these games in your bar.  Same with all premiums sporting events that are televised.  This is the reason that most people go to sports bars, after all.  You also need to provide premium sporting events at your bar, like boxing matches or MMA fights.  When you do, your customers stay longer and purchase more food and drinks, which boosts your bottom line.  This is called “beer math,” and it becomes a serious profit center for your bar. 

DIRECTV is the best way to bring game day to your sports bar.  Besides its many college sports viewing options, DIRECTV also has professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball viewing packages.  If your customers enjoy these pro sports, they’ll love watching it at your bar.  These viewing options deliver the most out-of-market games to your customers in DIRECTV’s stunning, high definition reception.  It’s a great addition to your bar business plan.

Signal Connect Delivers DIRECTV to Sports Bars

Delivering DIRECTV to sports bars is our specialty.  We’ll set you up with the best commercial viewing package, satellite dish, and receivers.  We’ll also match you with a satellite TV installer in your area. Once the installation is done, your Signal Connect rep will activate your account.  Adding DIRECTV to your sports bar is a big decision, but it’s the right one to make if you want to attract more customers.  We do this quickly so you can start offering DIRECTV at your sports bar right away.  It’s normal to have questions about your commercial DIRECTV account.  We encourage you to give us a call at 866-726-4182.  A Signal Connect rep will provide all the information you need to make DIRECTV part of your sports bar marketing plan.