Signal Connect Shares Satellite TV Know-how at NMEA Boat Expo

Signal Connect Shares Satellite TV Know-how at NMEA Expo

When it comes to marine satellite TV installation, Signal Connect is your No. 1 source.  What’s more, we can prove it!

Which satellite TV solution provider was chosen to educate marine electronics installers at a recent conference?  If you said “Signal Connect,” then you guessed correctly!  Three members of our team – Evan Weiss, David Ross, and Josh Weiss – spoke at the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Expo.  (The event took place on September 26-28, 2017 in Seattle.)  While we’d love to pat ourselves on the back over this, our team is happy for the opportunity to clarify some of the complex issues associated with marine satellite TV installation.  When it comes to satellite TV for boats, the advice our team shared helps installers add revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)

Are you familiar with the NMEA? This organization is committed to enhancing the technology and safety of marine electronics.  Its members facilitate and support the development and implementation of standards and uniform government regulations for recreational and regulated vessels in the marine electronics industry.  Installers and others who work in the professional marine electronics industry attend the NMEA’s annual conference and expo.

Signal Connect at NMEA 2017

By special invite of the NMEA, Evan, David, and Josh hosted two presentations at the annual conference.  During these sessions, the three shared these important tips for marine satellite TV and installation:

  • The differences between commercial and residential accounts
  • Suspending accounts during the off-season
  • Recommending DIRECTV or DISH for marine satellite TV installation
  • Avoiding satellite TV fraud and misclassification

Team Signal Connect held a Q&A session after each presentation.  This allowed attendees to ask questions, get clarification on these important topics, and interact with Evan, David, and Josh.

Day One at NMEA

The first day at the Expo was the busiest for our team.  Their presentation was held for a room with 40 seats.  A bit of a stir was created when more than 40 installers and manufacturers showed up for the discussion.  Of that day, Josh Weiss recalled, “The event organizers started bringing in extra chairs, but there wasn’t enough. We ended up speaking to more than 40 people who were seated and others who stood for the entire presentation!”

The Signal Connect team made a great first impression upon the expo crowd.  David Ross recalled, “We could tell that everyone was listening to what we had to say because all eyes were on us during the presentation.  As soon as we finished, nearly everyone had at least one question, which we were more than happy to answer.”

NMEA, Day Two

On the second day of the event, an important certification class coincided with Evan, David, and Josh’s presentation.  This meant the three conducted their marine satellite TV presentation to a smaller group of installers.  Evan Weiss recalled, “This didn’t bother us the least because we still had a great presentation.  The smaller group meant we had the time to answer even more questions than we did during our first presentation.”  This was the perfect ending to an amazing expo experience, according to Evan, David, and Josh. 

The expo wasn’t the first NMEA tradeshow opportunity for the Signal Connect team members.  Evan, David, and Josh attended the organization’s 2016 event in Naples, FL.  They’ve also attended other marine industry events over the years.  Given the success of their presentations in Seattle, the group is considering hosting similar discussions at other marine industry events. Josh Weiss added, “All of us enjoy every opportunity to share information that will help marine electronics installers.”

Satellite TV Activation from Solid Signal

Sharing satellite TV installation tips is one way Signal Connect helps marine electronics professionals.  Activating satellite TV accounts is another way we help installers.  In fact, it’s one of the biggest advantages to working with us.  Evan said, “When you finish a marine installation, you call DIRECTV or DISH to activate the account.  This usually means being on the phone for an hour as you get transferred around the satellite provider’s busy call center.”

Installers have a quicker, easier way to activate their clients’ satellite TV accounts.  All it takes is a call to Signal Connect.  Evan explained, “Because of our contacts at DIRECTV and DISH, we know who to call to get your clients’ satellite TV accounts activated in as little as 10 minutes.  Best of all, we provide this service free to marine electronics installers!”  When installers use our satellite account activation services, it allows them to spend more time on the aspects of their jobs that actually make them money.

Signal Connect is Your Source for Satellite TV Info

The NMEA Expo was an excellent opportunity for Signal Connect to share important tips with marine installers.  So is this blog.  Each week, we’ll share more satellite TV tips and information that includes residential and commercial satellite TV.  We’ll also cover the wide variety of installations, such as marine, RVs, and much more.  If you have any questions – or you’d like to activate a client’s satellite TV account – give us a call at 866-726-4182.  The team at Signal Connect is always happy to help!