Signal Connect Replaces Spaun Multiswitches for Marine Satellite TV

Spaun Marine Multiswitch

Signal Connect Can Replace Spaun Multiswitches for Marine Satellite TV 

Marine electronics installers, do you have a replacement for your clients’ Spaun multiswitches?  The company is phasing these products out, and there will come a day when you won’t be able to get them anymore. What will you do then? Re-wiring the vessel isn’t a desirable (or feasible) solution for most boat owners. What you need is a top-quality multiswitch that replaces those old Spaun units. Fortunately, Televes and Signal Connect have your solution for marine satellite dish installations!

Why is Spaun Phasing Out Its Marine Multiswitches in the U.S.?

Simple economics is the answer to this question.  Today’s marine satellite dishes and receivers use technology that Spaun isn’t licensed to make.  These market changes make it less affordable for Spaun to make devices for the marine market.  Since the company’s costs now exceed its profits, it’s calling it a day on these popular multiswitch devices.

Today, many installers worry about rewiring their clients’ installations to accommodate new multiswitches.  Other installers purchased kits that drive up to 16 TVs with a conventional multiswitch.  While these kits cost less than Spaun equipment, the equipment took up more space.  Marine installers needed a real solution to this issue.  Fortunately, one was on its way.

Televes Nevoswitch for Marine DIRECTV Installations

Marine satellite TV installers, we have good news for you. Spanish TV antenna maker Televes has stepped up to fill the niche for marine multiswitches. Its three Nevoswitch products replace the older Spaun multiswitches found in marine installations. Here’s a closer look at each of the Nevoswitch products for marine satellite installers:

These Nevoswitch devices let clients postpone upgrading their boat’s wiring for several years.  The multiswitches don’t work with DIRECTV Genie, DISH Hopper, or SWM and Hybrid dishes.  These multiswitches also don’t support DIRECTV HD.  Many marine clients who just want to watch satellite TV on their boats seem to be fine with this.

Where to Get Televes Nevoswitches for Marine Satellite Systems

If you’ve worked with Signal Connect, you know we’re the best online source for satellite TV equipment. Solid Signal, a top online electronics retailer, is a division of our company. As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Televes products, we carry these Nevoswitch devices. One of our marine satellite TV reps will match you with these products. If your next marine satellite TV installation needs a Nevoswitch, call 866-726-4182.

Signal Connect Provides Fast, Free Satellite Activation

Activating your clients’ satellite TV accounts can be the longest part of your work day. You have to call DIRECTV or DISH.  Once you get hold of someone, they’ll likely transfer you around the call center or put you on hold.  Signal Connect is a DIRECTV and DISH authorized dealer.  We know who to call to activate accounts quickly and easily. We call this our “Hassle-Free Activation,” and we offer this service free to all installers. That’s right! We don’t charge you to activate your clients’ accounts. Just give us a call at 866-726-4182 so our reps can get your clients hooked up right away.