Signal Connect Offers the Best Satellite TV Support

James Hampton Signal Connect

James Hampton – Installation Guru for Signal Connect

Signal Connect Offers the Best Satellite TV Support 

A Signal Connect customer recently had an issue with her DIRECTV installation.  A Signal Connect rep solved the issue so the client could continue enjoying DIRECTV.

Sometimes, DIRECTV viewers encounter problems with their installations.  Signal Connect clients in these situations get the help they need.  Take this recent example involving James Hampton, a Signal Connect representative. When the owner of a fitness center had a problem with her DIRECTV installation, she gave us a call. James diagnosed the problem and walked her through the solution. This is an example of how we provide the best DIRECTV customer service experience.

DIRECTV Customer Service Troubleshooting

One day, James Hampton took a call from a DIRECTV customer who had a problem.  The installation in her fitness center showed DIRECTV’s info channel on every tuner.  No matter how many times she tried to change the channel, it still displayed this programming.  James asked the client a series of questions and took note of her answers.  He added, “Based on what she said, and my knowledge of how headend systems work with RF, I knew what the problem was. The HD receivers reverted to the DIRECTV info channel from their assigned channels.”

DIRECTV Customer Service Technical Support

Prior to joining Signal Connect, James was a DIRECTV and Uverse installer for 20 years.  He learned a lot during that time, and he likes using his skills to help Signal Connect clients.  James said, “The customer had to set her receivers back to their designated broadcast channels.  I knew I could coach her through the process of what she needed to do to fix the issue.”

James told the client how she could use her DIRECTV remote to unplug each set-top box (STB) receiver.  First, he had her tune to each assigned channel.  Then he told her to unplug it afterwards so it couldn’t be changed while she tuned the other receivers on the same rack. James recalled, “When we did this, she powered up the STBs and they returned to the proper channels. Problem solved!”

DIRECTV Customer Service Experience with Signal Connect

The advice and support that James provided this client doesn’t end with her phone call. She can call him back any time she needs help with her DIRECTV installation. We extend this courtesy to all Signal Connect customers. Around here, we call it concierge service, while your clients think of it as a lifesaver. “Helping customers like this is what I love most about my job,” James added. “It’s very rewarding to use the things I’ve learned to help Signal Connect clients.” 

Commercial DIRECTV Accounts from Signal Connect

Do you want to add DIRECTV to your business?  There are many reasons why you should work with Signal Connect.  We’ll set you up with the right satellite DISH, receiver, and equipment.  Our reps will also match you with the best DIRECTV programming package and hassle-free DIRECTV activation.  Best of all, you get our free DIRECTV technical support for the life of your account.  When you call our DIRECTV customer service number, you’ll talk to a real person who will help you.  Do you have any questions about commercial DIRECTV accounts?  Give us a call at 866-726-4182.