Signal Connect Attends EMS World Expo 2018

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Signal Connect Attends EMS World Expo 2018

Signal Connect had a strong presence at the EMS World Expo 2018.  It was held October 29-November 2 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.  This event gave our team an excellent opportunity to connect with first responders – paramedics, police, and firefighters – from all over the country.  Many of these emergency workers were interested in what our crew had to offer.  At the end of the busy five-day event, the Signal Connect reps who attended considered this trip a success.  They’re already looking forward to next year’s Expo!

What is the EMS World Expo?

The Expo is the world’s largest EMS-dedicated event.  Hosted in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), it features training for emergency medical services workers and other first responders.  This year’s show featured two days of pre-conference workshops followed by three days of sessions and exhibits.  These programs focused on a curriculum and technology designed to help first responders save more lives.  Nearly 6,000 people attended the Expo.

Cellular Signal Boosters and AT&T Discounts

The Signal Connect Expo team consisted of Mike Kochenderfer, Nicholas Mily, and Evan Weiss.  Vadim Kugel of Solid Signal (a division of Signal Connect) joined them.  The four of them educated first responders about the importance of cellular signal boosters for their emergency vehicles.  Vadim Kugel explained, “Most first responders need a cellular signal booster, but some aren’t aware that this solution exists.  With the proper reach and education, we can solve their coverage problems.”

In addition to cell phone boosters, Signal Connect had more to offer emergency workers.  The company’s booth on the Expo floor was the source for first responder discounts on AT&T mobility, satellite TV, and high-speed internet services.  Signal Connect is happy to offer these generous discounts to emergency workers, according to Evan Weiss.  He explained, “This is a great way for Signal Connect to say ‘thank you’ to first responders for everything they do.”

Mike Kochenderfer spent a lot of time at the Signal Connect booth.  Over the course of the Expo’s five days, he touched base with many emergency responders in attendance.  Mike explained, “The Expo was the perfect place to have face-to-face interactions with many people we normally talk to over the phone.  We also talked to many emergency workers we’ve never spoke to before.” 

Team Signal Connect was joined at the booth by Nelson Roberts (Wilson), Jason Podjasek (Perfect 10), and Rob Dee (DIRECTV).  These professionals helped explain the benefits of cell phone boosters and AT&T services to first responders in attendance.  Nicholas Mily recalled, “They’re a great bunch of guys, and together we were able to answer more questions and help more people!” 

One Firefighter’s Experience with Signal Connect

Ed and Joanne Grove are volunteer fighters who’ve heard about AT&T’s first responder discounts.  The problem is, the couple never got to enjoy the savings.  Ed recalled, “The sales reps we talked to in the past never got back with us.  When I saw Mike (Kochenderfer) at the Expo, I asked him about this and he was extremely helpful.”  Mike had no problem taking the time to explain these promotions to Ed.

Ed and Mike exchanged numbers, and Mike reached out to Ed after the Expo.  He spoke with Joanne to get the info he needed to put the couple’s AT&T Wireless and DIRECTV into place.  This was a game-changer for Ed.  “Because we could never get the discounts, I was the only one in my family who didn’t have a cellphone.  Thanks to Signal Connect, I’m now out of the stone age!”  Ed and Joanne are volunteer firefighters/EMTs with the Smithtown, NY Fire Department.  “We couldn’t be happier with Signal Connect!” he added.

EMS World Expo 2018 Attractions

While the Signal Connect team attended the Expo to work, its members had the opportunity to walk the show floor.  There, they got to see and experience many great attractions from the other exhibitors.  Mike recalled, “One of the most interesting things I saw was a virtual reality display of an operating room.  It showed doctors treating gunshot victims, which was very interesting.”  Another thing that impressed Mike was the helicopter that was literally flown off the tradeshow floor!  “For a minute there, I wasn’t sure they would pull it off!” he added.

This was the first time Signal Connect attended an EMS World Expo.  The team all said it was a wonderful learning experience, and everyone had a great time.  They are all excited to return next year, and each team member plans to connect with even more first responders.  Vadim Kugel explained, “Since this was our first time attending, I did not have any expectations.  Based on everything I learned and experienced there, I plan to be better prepared for next year’s event.”

First Responders Save Big with Signal Connect!

Did you miss the EMS World Expo 2018?  Or maybe you attended the event but didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth?  Either way, you can get amazing savings form Signal Connect.  Save big on signal booster solutions for your emergency vehicles.  These devices can help you save more lives by improving your cell phone coverage when it matters most.  To help you unwind at home, we offer the following discounts to all first responders:

  • 25% off your monthly AT&T wireless services
  • $15 off your monthly DIRECTV bills
  • $15/month off on home Internet services

As an emergency worker, you shouldn’t have to worry about cell phone coverage in the field.  You also don’t need to stress out over how much your wireless, internet, or satellite TV services costs.  Let Signal Connect take some of that stress off your shoulders so you can continue to save lives and help people.  Just fill out the form below then click “submit.”  A Signal Connect representative will get back with you to answer your questions and walk you through the process.   

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