Signal Boosters for Hospitals

professional medical doctor talking on mobile phone in hospital

Signal Boosters for Hospitals 

Based on the way hospitals are constructed, cellular phone communications inside these building can be severely limited or nonexistent.  This can be a huge problem in today’s world.  People have become so dependent upon instant communication that they assume it will be there wherever they go.  Medical facilities that are total dead zones will clash with these expectations.  Fortunately, there is a way to improve cell phone coverage at hospitals and medical centers.  A cell phone signal booster system inside your hospital helps reduce or eliminate dropped calls and missed data.

Why Hospitals Need Cell Phone Boosters

Most hospitals and similar medical centers need a cell phone signal booster system because of the way these buildings are constructed.  Hospitals typically have thicker walls to accommodate more wiring.  These structures also feature shielding designed to keep cell signals from reaching patients who are being monitored or kept alive electronically.  (MRI machines and other devices generation electrical fields that can cause problems for patients and hospital computers.)  These factors interfere with cell phone service. 

A cell phone signal booster in a hospital or medical center can enhance cellular phone reception without interfering with patients’ welfare and hospital operations.  This can all be avoided with proper placement of the cell signal booster inside the medical facility.  Most professional installers with experience working with hospitals know where to put a cell phone signal booster for maximum benefit and no possible interference with patients, computers, or medical machinery.  Once you have one or more of these devices, it is a huge benefit to everyone at the hospital.

Signal Boosters for Patients and Visitors

Hospital patients and their families will appreciate having a cell phone signal booster inside these medical facilities.  Even though they can’t see the signal booster in your hospital, they will appreciate the connectivity they get while they are there.  They will be able to connect with their families and friends to let them know how the operation went, and when to pick them up.  Families in the waiting room will be able to keep the rest of the family updated on their loved one’s condition from the waiting room, cafeteria, etc. 

Signal Boosters for Hospital Staff

Everyone uses their cell phones for communication and entertainment these days.  This includes hospital staff who are taking their breaks.  If a staff member wants to call home to check in on his/her children, they might have to walk to the other side of the building or further to get reliable signal.  Talk about a time killer!  A signal booster inside a hospital eliminates this problem, which the hospital employees will appreciate.

Cell Boosters for First Responders at Hospitals

Emergency personnel spend a lot of time in hospitals.  These first responders are responsible for transporting patients to these facilities for emergency medical treatment.  One of the biggest complaints first aid responders have is the lack of cell phone communication inside some hospitals.  These first responders often have to return to their emergency vehicle, where many have a vehicle cellular phone booster system, to call back to their base stations.  First responders would appreciate having cell phone signal boosters in the hospitals they routinely visit.

Get the Best Cell Phone Boosters for Hospitals 

There are different types of cell phone signal boosters and manufacturers.  Which is the best one for your hospital or medical center?  Signal Connect carries a variety of these devices from weBoost and Wilson Pro.  When you work with us, you will get a cell phone booster that provides the most active zones where cell phone connection will be strongest.  Your cell phone booster system that does not send signal to areas where patients are monitored and sensitive computers and machines are located. 

Are you a hospital administrator who would like to improve cell phone communication at your medical center?  Signal Connect can provide a cell signal booster solution for any hospital or medical center.  If you have questions, or want more information, call our 100% U.S.-based call center at 866-726-4182.  You can also fill out the form below.