Seven Hotel Renovation Ideas for Owners

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Seven Hotel Renovation Ideas for Owners

Are hotel renovations something you’ve been thinking about lately? Unless your property is brand new, you’re probably considering hotel renovations and maintenance.  Remember, it doesn’t take long for designs to become outdated. To help hotel owners, Signal Connect offers seven helpful hotel renovation ideas. The suggestions presented here can help make your hotel more modern, safe, and attractive. The result is that these renovations ideas will make your motel or hotel more profitable. That’s something that every motel owner and hotel owner wants.   

To get you thinking about the renovation possibilities of your business, here are seven hotel renovation ideas:

Technology Renovations for Hotels

Hotel owners, nearly every one of your guests is tech savvy and they bring their tech when they stay with you.  Because tech is such an import part of people’s lives, your hotel or motel must be able to accommodate it.  This means you need to have easily accessible outlets in your lobby and rooms.  This keeps your guests from having to hunt for a place to charge their devices.   This and other tech-friendly renovations are a necessity for any forward-thinking hotel owner. 

Hotel Lobby Renovations

Your hotel lobby is the one place that every guests spends some time in. It’s a good idea to renovate your lobby so that it reflects the personality of your business. If it’s warm and inviting, it makes a strong statement about your hotel. If your lobby is welcoming, your guests might make positive associations with your hotel. If you’re fortunate, some of these happy folks might give you a positive review on Yelp! and other social networking sites. Making your lobby a place where people want to be also helps improve your vending sales.   

Update Your Hotel’s Meeting Room

Do many people book the meeting room at your hotel? If so, you should make sure this important feature has everything that today’s business people need. Updating the technology and other renovations helps keep your meeting room attractive.  It could be something as simple as new chairs and a fresh coat of paint. Note: A renovated meeting room can also help attract more guests and boost your business. This should be enough incentive for you to improve this part of your hotel or motel.

Update Your Hotel’s Outdoor Lighting

How is the lighting in your parking lot and around the outside of your property? If it doesn’t do enough to light up your property at night, it’s time for a renovation. A dark parking lot and areas drenched in shadow are enough to scare away potential guests. (It conjures up images of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in their minds.) You don’t want poor lighting to have a negative effect on your business. You also don’t want a poorly-lit property to create the potential for crime around your hotel or motel. These and other reasons make hotel lighting renovation a wise investment.

Hotel Security Cameras

In this day and age, every hotel and motel needs security cameras.  Just the sight of these devices in the hall, lobby, and property helps deter some crimes.  If something unfortunate happens at your hotel, video evidence can help protect you.  If you need help, contact Solid Signal, an online electronics distributor and division of Signal Connect.  We carry a wide variety of security camera systems that are ideal for hotels and motels.  We also have bullet cameras, imitation security cameras, and other security and surveillance equipment.  If you’re ready to beef up security at your motel/hotel, call Solid Signal at 877.312.4547.

DIRECTV for Hotels, Motels, and Inns

If you don’t have DIRECTV at your hotel, you should definitely consider adding this amenity.  It’s as important to your guests’ satisfaction as temperature-controlled rooms and fresh sheets.  Your guests will love to watch their favorite programming, and DIRECTV delivers.  If you already have DIRECTV but are still using standard definition, it’s time to get a high-definition upgrade to HD or 4K.  As an AT&T preferred dealer, we can help you get DIRECTV or upgrade the system you already have.  If you’re ready to bring the best satellite TV programming to your guests, give Signal Connect a call at 866-726-4182.

Signal Boosters for Hotels and Motels

How many of your guests have cell phones, tablets, and similar devices?  Probably most, if not all of them.  Today’s customer is used to getting free Wi-Fi anywhere and everywhere they go, and they’ll expect the same from you.  Adding signal boosters to your hotel or motel doesn’t have to be some major renovation when you work with Signal Connect.  We have commercial-grade cell booster systems that can handle even the largest hotels, motels, and convention centers.  To get the process started, call us at 866-726-4182.

Good Luck with Your Hotel Renovations!

Signal Connect wishes hotel owners and motel owners all the best with their renovations.  Hopefully, these seven hotel renovations ideas will help you in your quest to make your property more appealing to your guests.