Satellite Dish Mount Solutions for DIRECTV Installations

Satellite Dish Antenna with Mounts

Satellite Dish Mount Solutions for DIRECTV Installations

What type of satellite dish mount do I need? This is a question we get from many people who want to mount a DIRECTV dish. There is no one, blanket answer to this question. The type of satellite dish mount you need will depend upon on what type of installation you have. For example, your home has different needs than installing a dish on your boat or RV. If you’re not sure which satellite mount is best for you, Signal Connect has the information you need. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of satellite antenna mounts.

Roof Mount Satellite Antenna 

People sometimes think of satellite dishes as TV antennas.  They try to mount them on the highest point of their roofs. This practice does give you a good chance of avoiding interference from nearby trees.  If line-of-sight is an issue for any reason, a rooftop installation can help. If you want to install a satellite dish above your home, you can choose between these satellite dish mounts:

Here are the different types of equipment you can use to mount a satellite dish on your roof:

  • Tripod Mount: This device raises your dish to the highest point possible. The downside is that you have to make holes in your roof to secure it.  You can always patch these holes as best you can, but it might be a cause for concern when it rains.
  • Tile Roof Mounting System: This is for, you guessed it, tile roofs. The upside is that this system lets you secure a satellite dish on your tiled roof without needing a tripod.  It’s also designed to prevent damage to your roof, and eliminates the need for exposed wiring or cables.  The downside?  These systems are somewhat costly.
  • Non-Penetrating Roof Mount: This is the ideal solution for mounting a satellite dish on a flat roof. Instead of having to install screws in a roof, these satellite mounts use cinder blocks to hold the mount and dish in place.  This is typically used in commercial installations.  The only downside to a non-penetrating roof mount is carrying those cinder blocks up the ladder to install.
  • Non-Penetrating Pitched Roof Mount: This can be a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to drill into their roof to mount a satellite dish. Like most non-penetrating mounts, these brackets use cinder blocks to secure your dish atop your home.  The downside is having to carry those blocks up the ladder to install.

Satellite Dish Eave Mounts

If height isn’t an issue, you can mount your satellite dish on one of the eaves of your home. This means using a satellite dish eave mount to secure your dish to the molding or wall. Yes, you will have to drill holes to secure your eave mount. Installing on the side of your home means much less chance of rain leaks. The only downside is the research required to find the one you need.  

Which Satellite Antenna Mount Should You Choose?

The generic answer is, “Whichever satellite dish mount is best for your installation?” That begets this follow up question from you: “Which one is best for me?” We can help you with that. Solid Signal, a division of Signal Connect, carries each mount mentioned above. More importantly, our reps are satellite TV experts. If you’re determined to mount your dish, we can recommend the best satellite mount for you. Just call the Solid Signal product team at 877.312.4547.

Another Way to Mount Your Satellite Dish

If you’re not an avid do-it-yourselfer, we can help you get your satellite dish mounted. Signal Connect has a network of professional satellite dish installers across the country. We can match you with an installer in your area. Once it’s mounted, a Signal Connect rep will activate your DIRECTV account for a one-time nominal fee. That’s right! We’ll activate your account for you without you having to contact DIRECTV and wait on hold. Just call us at 866-726-4182.  We’ll have you enjoying your favorite shows in no time.  

Get DIRECTV from Signal Connect!

Are you considering getting DIRECTV for your home, boat, or vehicle? Signal Connect can help you throughout the entire process. As an AT&T Authorized Dealer, we can help you choose the best programming package and more.  Let us answer any questions you have about DIRECTV. Just give us a call 866-726-4182. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with the information you seek about DIRECTV.