RV Trips With Kids: 10 Tips

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RV Trips With Kids: 10 Tips

If the RV park doesn’t have a pool or playground, how do you entertain the kids?  Signal Connect shares 10 kid-friendly RV camping tips for a fun vacation!

Most RV campgrounds have pools, playgrounds, and other activities to entertain your children.  What happens if you’re staying somewhere that doesn’t offer these amenities?  If your family RV trip doomed?  Hardly!  There are plenty of things for children to do while on vacation.  All it takes is a little bit of creativity from parents and grandparents who want the children to enjoy the RV life.  If your affordable family vacation doesn’t involve an expensive RV park, never fear.  Here are 10 things things you can do to entertain your “camper kids.”

Here’s some “kids camping gear” to bring on your next RV trip:      

  1. Something as simple as bringing a tire swing to throw over a tree branch can entertain your kids.
  2. Remember those yard games you used to love as a kid? Your tech savvy children might love badminton, ring tosses, and similar games, too.  (These activities could be a nice break from their phone screens!)
  3. Board games are drastically underrated in today’s tech-savvy world. Bring a few board games along to get the family together.
  4. Want to get the kids outside the camper for a while? Bring some bikes or scooters with you and have an adventure within an adventure.
  5. Don’t let reading become a lost art in your family. Bring some kid-friendly books along and encourage your children to read.
  6. Speaking of books, why not get some non-fiction literature about the area you’re visiting. Encourage your kids to learn about where they are.  You never know what this might inspire.
  7. Creating your own games and activities is some of the most fun you and your kids could ever have. Things such as nature hikes, scavenger hunts, to trash-or-treasure outings can provide entertainment and create memories that last a lifetime.
  8. Bring watercolor paint and plenty of paper and encourage your kids to create. Art is a wonderful form of expression and inspiration.  It’s also an effective boredom-destroyer.
  9. If your kids brought their phones, encourage them to take pictures of nature and their surroundings. This was always a huge part of taking a vacation when we were kids, and it can continue in the digital age.
  10. Sometimes you don’t have to bring anything. RV camping can be a great way to spend some time and reconnect with your children.  Instead of hanging them something to keep them busy, take your children for a walk and talk to them.  This puts the family back in family RV trips.

Enjoy RV Camping With Your Kids!

Even affordable family vacations can be fun for everyone.  It’s all about preparing ahead of time.  It’s not enough to know where you’re going; you also need to know what’s there before you arrive.  Some internet research can give you a good idea if your destination is kid-friendly.  Even if it’s not, there are things you can bring – and many things you can do – to make your trip a fun vacation for everyone.  Plan ahead to make your next RV trip with kids your best RV trip!

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