More First Responders Sign Up for FirstNet

FirstNet AT&T

More First Responders Sign Up for FirstNet

In less than two months, AT&T’s FirstNet experienced a 50 percent spike in users.  That means that the communications giant has signed up more than 3,600 public safety agencies to this growing first responder network.  This increase is more than just impressive.  It illustrates AT&T ability to bring more first responders on board for this useful dedicate cell network that first responders use during emergencies.

On June 14, 2018, we told you all about FirstNet.  At that time, AT&T had opened the emergency network up to volunteer and on-call first responders.  Before that, the network was only available to full-time first responders in larger cities.  By opening it up to on-call and volunteer emergency personnel across the country, AT&T was able to increase the amount of first responders who use this important and vital network. 

The U.S. government gave AT&T the task of creating a closed first responder network that would be available nationwide.  This came on the heels of tragic school shooting incidents, where some first responders found it difficult to communicate and coordinate with other agencies during the crisis.  When some personnel tried using their cellphones, they discovered that their lines clogged due to other people calling to find out news of loved ones.

In developing FirstNet, AT&T created a rather unique emergency communication service.  It uses special cell phones that work on FirstNet cell frequency, known as Band 14. In order to access this closed band, first responders’ phones must be registered with AT&T. During an emergency, only these registered phones will access Band 14. This ensures that private and public/government agencies get the needed bandwidth.

FirstNet Used During Recent Hurricanes

AT&T already had the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of its FirstNet system.  First responders used these services during efforts to help people affected by Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence. Various emergency service agencies set up a portable cell sit to help with coordination of services to the areas that were hardest hit. Signal Connect wasn’t on-scene to report on the storms. That said, we’re certain that first responders were glad to have dedicated and reliable cell communication during those emergencies.

Signal Connect Shows Appreciation for First Responders

Everyone at Signal Connect respects and admires first responders.  How could we not think highly of people who willingly risk their lives in emergency situations to save others?  At times, we wish we could suit up and help you in your efforts, but we know we’re not qualified to do that.  What Signal Connect can do is help police, firefights, and EMT workers by offering you amazing savings on things you can use every day. As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we offer the following savings to qualifying first aid responders:

  • 25% off monthly AT&T wireless services
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  • $15/month off home Internet services

Would you like any of these amazing savings?  If so, we recommend you lock them in now because these deals won’t be available forever.  If you plan to attend the EMS World Expo 2018, stop by booth 1906 to talk directly with a Signal Connect rep.  If you want to snap up these saving right away, just give us a call at 866-726-4182.  Our reps are happy to help you save money on these entertainment services.