Marine Satellite TV Reception and You

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Marine Satellite TV Reception and You

Boat owners, do you know how far offshore you can get satellite TV reception?  Maybe you don’t think it’s very far, and that’s what’s kept you from getting DIRECTV for your craft.  Well, Signal Connect is here to tell you that those satellite TV signals go out quite a ways offshore, perhaps more than you think.  It’s usually enough for most boat owners, crews, and guests to enjoy their favorite programming.  Maybe this might change how you view DIRECTV for your luxury craft or working vessel. 

DIRECTV Satellite Reception

To understand why boat owners can get DIRECTV so far from shore requires an understanding of satellite TV transmission.  Known as “spot beams,” these satellite signals focus on the areas these transmissions are needed.  Generally speaking, they tend to follow the interior and the borders of the U.S.  These beams don’t stop at the shore, either.  It’s fairly common for DIRECTV customers to receive transmission at least 10 miles from shore.  This is what makes the satellite TV provider ideal for various marine installations.

DIRECTV for Marine Use

Since the U.S. has many cities on both coasts, it makes sense to saturate these shorelines with a strong satellite TV signal.  DIRECTV has three primary satellite locations over the country.  This works out quite well for marine satellite TV installations.  People who work in these environments want to watch their favorite programs, too.  Since DIRECTV’s signal goes to one place where they spend most of their time – out to sea – it’s the perfect solution for just about anyone who wants satellite TV for marine use.

DIRECTV is the ideal solution for a variety of marine satellite TV installations.  It’s great for yachts and other chartered luxury vessels that cater to guests looking for a high-end experience.  Crews of working vessels, such as tugs and trawlers, also enjoy watching DIRECTV during their breaks.  DIRECTV is also a great solution for oil rig workers, too.  Both the crew on the platform and the transport vessels can watch their favorite news, sports, and entertainment programming.

Are you wondering about marine satellite TV reception in bad weather?  If you’re in a marine environment, you’re probably concerned about rain.  Rain fade happens when precipitation interrupts your satellite TV reception, which inhibits the signal from transmitting.  For the most part, this isn’t a huge problem.  If your boat or marina is in an area the regularly experiences heavy downpours, you can always use Dome Magic.  Just wipe the dome down with one or more of these rain repellent towlettes, and get up to 12 months protection. 

Get Marine Satellite TV from Signal Connect

Do you want satellite TV for your boat but don’t know where to start?  Signal Connect can help.  We are an AT&T Authorized Dealer, which is a fancy way of saying we handle your marine satellite TV account from A to Z.  This how we make sure you’ll get exactly the type of satellite TV account you want.  Here is the step-by-step process of how a Signal Connect rep helps you get marine satellite TV:

  1. We start by helping you choose the right DIRECTV programming package.
  2. Our team then helps you choose your satellite dome, receiver, and other equipment.
  3. We match you with a local DIRECTV installer from our network.
  4. When your installation is done, we quickly activate your DIRECTV account.
  5. We provide ongoing customer service for the life of your account.

You’ll notice the Signal Connect difference the moment you give us a call.  Unlike other satellite TV dealers, we will NOT put you on hold or transfer you to a call center.  You’ll talk to one person, and he or she will answer your questions.  This concierge service delivers the best possible satellite TV experience to you!  Do you have any specific questions about marine satellite TV?  Give us a call at 866-726-4182