Get DIRECTV for RV with Signal Connect

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Nicholas Mily of Signal Connect

Get DIRECTV for Your RV with Signal Connect

A DIRECTV account was nearly denied to one motorhome owner in Tennessee. Signal Connect made things right by delivering a complete DIRECTV for RV setup!

Getting DIRECTV for RVs, campers, and motorhomes is easy… when you work with the right people.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect specializes in providing satellite TV solutions to RV owners and other mobile applications.  Take this recent example involving Nicholas Mily, a Signal Connect sales representative.  When other satellite TV providers wouldn’t provide a DIRECTV RV package, Nicholas easily delivered the total DIRECTV solution for this client’s recreational vehicle.  This is a great example of Signal Connect’s DIRECTV expertise and concierge-level customer support service. 

DIRECTV for RV Difficulties

Getting a DIRECTV RV installation seemed like an impossible task for Steve K. from Tennessee.  For three weeks, he’d been bounced from one call center to another, but still couldn’t find anyone willing to install DIRECTV in his RV.  That all changed once Steve contacted Nicholas of Signal Connect.  Of this phone conversation, Nicholas recalled, “By the time Steve reached me, he felt angry and exhausted.  I put his mind at ease by promising him that we would take care of him.”    

DIRECTV for RV Package

With Nicholas’s help, Steve experienced the Signal Connect customer service advantage.  Nicholas matched Steve with the ideal DIRECTV programming package.  He also directed his client to get the best DIRECTV satellite dish and receivers for his RV installation.  This equipment came from Solid Signal, a division of Signal Connect.  Our online electronics store carries all the best satellite TV equipment.  “We carry everything Steve needed to enjoy DIRECTV in his RV,” Nicholas explained.

DIRECTV RV Installation

Finding someone to install DIRECTV in his RV was Steve’s initial difficulty.  Nicholas quickly solved this problem by turning to the network of professional installers that Signal Connect works with.  “I arranged for a local DIRECTV installer to get the job done,” Nicholas explained.  “I then finished his DIRECTV activation in about 10 minutes.”  He added that Steve was extremely pleased with the hassle-free DIRECTV activation that Signal Connect provides.

Best Customer Support from Signal Connect

Nicholas continues to serve as Steve’s account manager.  This is another example of the concierge service that Signal Connect provides.  Clients can call us with questions and changes to their DIRECTV accounts.  For example, while Steve and his wife were traveling in their RV, he reached out to Nicholas for help.  “When they got to where they were going, they asked me to connect their account to the local channels in that TV market.  I was happy to do this so Steve and his wife could watch their favorite TV shows.” 

Your AT&T Preferred Dealer

Getting DIRECTV for your RV doesn’t have to be difficult… when you work with Signal Connect.  We can match you with the latest DIRECTV equipment, packages, and more.  We’ll also match you with a local DIRECTV installer in our network.  These experienced professionals make even the most difficult installations happen.  Once your DIRECTV installation is done, your Signal Connect representative will activate your satellite TV account and provide ongoing customer support.  To get all this and more, give us a call at 866-726-4182.  Signal Connect specializes in DIRECTV for RV so you can enjoy the RV life!