Four Easy and Successful Bar Promotions

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Four Easy, Successful Bar Promotions 

Attention, bar owners!  We know that you’re looking for different ways to promote your business and attract more customers.  To help you do that, Signal Connect shares these four bar promotions that are as successful as they are easy to implement.  Best of all, each of these promotions will attract more people to your bar, which in turn will help you earn more money.        

Half-Price Wine Night

Bars that offer a variety of wines sometimes run into a problem – some products never get sampled.  Given the costs involved, most customers might not try a wine that they could be interested in because they’re not sure they’ll like it.  Wine bottles gathering dust don’t do bar owners any favors, either.  Getting people to try new wines can encourage them to find new favorites, which leads to more product sales for you down the road.  But how do you do this?

Some bar owners boost wine sales by hosting a half-price wine night.  It works pretty much like it sounds – most or all of your bottles of wine are sold at half price on this night only.  (Some owners/managers choose to exclude allocated wines.)  Bar owners typically host this event on Mondays or other slow nights.  Many of these clients become loyal to some of these new-to-them wines.  Half-price wine night is a financial success as well.  Some bar owners have reported a sales increases of 38% or more as a result of their half-price wine night.        

Guest Bartending With Local Charities

Whenever you get an opportunity to partner your bar with a local charity, do it.  Helping out the good causes all around you will benefit your business’s image in your community.  One easy way to get involved in charities is to have a guest bartender event.  What is a guest bartender?  This is where you have someone who’s well known and liked in your community serve drinks at your bar for a few hours.  The tips he or she earns are typically donated to the local charity, which is a great way to get “earned media,” aka free publicity in local news outlets.

Here’s how to be a guest bartender in six easy steps:

  1. Partner with a local charity that’s popular in your community, such as the Boys/Girls Club, Cancer Awareness, etc.
  2. Choose a guest bartender who’s well known in your community and dedicated to the charity/cause.
  3. Encourage your guest bartender to invite all his/her family or friends to come to your bar the night he/she is working.
  4. Make sure the guest bartender understands that he/she is expected to donate 80-90 percent of their tips to the charity, organization, or cause. (Most bar owners allow their regular bartender to get 10-20 percent of the guest bartender’s tips.) 
  5. This event is great for Mondays or  Tuesdays or any other typically slow day.
  6. Make guest bartender night a regular occurrence at your bar. Be on the lookout for more local organizations and other possible guest bartenders.  Keep it going and build momentum.

Some bar owners have reported that a guest bartender event earned up to $10,000 for a local charity.  The local news station did a story on the fundraising effort, and the bar owner reports getting many new customers as a result.  All in all, guest bartender events work exactly as they should.  It can do the same for you and your business.

Beer Towers aka “Booze Tubes”

Do you have beer towers at your bar?  These towers, aka “booze tubes,” are very popular with many bars, clubs, and pubs.  The average beer tower size is 25” high with a 9” base, and it holds three liters of liquid.  It lets your customers pour their own beer or mixed cocktails.  There are more than a few good reasons to offer beer towers at your business:   

  • These unique novelty items get customers talking.
  • Beer towers free up your bartender and servers to take care of more customers.
  • Customers enjoy the novelty of pouring your own drinks.
  • Your customers might stay longer and order food, which increases your profits.

Beer towers are great for bar owners looking for something to liven things up.  These devices are fairly inexpensive and easy to set up in your establishment.  The small investment in a unique beer tower can reap big rewards for your business.  A quick search of the internet will find plenty of beer towers for sale.  Good luck!

Bonus Tip: Get DIRECTV for Your Bar 

Having DIRECTV in your bar is one of the best promotions you could have.  People love to watch the favorite teams at their favorite local bars and pubs.  If you have DIRECTV with a sports viewing package, your business could be the bar of choice for many sports fans in your area.  They’ll come to your place to watch the game.  When they do, they’ll stay longer and end up buying food and drinks while they’re there.  We call this beer math,” and it’s a proven moneymaker.  As investments in your business go, you can’t do better than getting a commercial DIRECTV account for your bar, pub, or restaurant.  It’s well worth it to feature the news, sports, and entertainment options of satellite TV.    

Your DIRECTV Dealer is Signal Connect 

Do you want to feature DIRECTV at your bar or restaurant?  Then you need to call us here at Signal Connect.  We’re an AT&T Preferred Dealer who helps bar owners like you bring satellite TV to their customers.  We’ll match you with the right programming package, satellite dish, and much more.  We work with a team of professional DIRECTV installers across the country, so setup is easy.  Best of all, we provide you with free account management after the sale.  If you need anything, just pick up the phone and call us for the help you need.  If you have questions, or would like to get the process started, call us at 866-726-4182.