Fixing DIRECTV Problems Over the Phone

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Fixing DIRECTV Problems Over the Phone 

If you’ve ever had a DIRECTV connection issue, you know how frustrating these things can be.  Wouldn’t it be great to just pick up the phone to fix these glitches?  With Signal Connect, that exactly what you can do… and it’s free!  When you call us, one of our expert techs diagnose your problem then coach you through the fix.  You’ll be back to watching your favorite shows in no time!  As we said, this service is free, and it’s available to anyone with DIRECTV.  Just give Signal Connect a call when you have DIRECTV problems. 

Troubleshooting DIRECTV Connection Issues

Meet Jason Vanover.  He’s a customer solution manager with Solid Signal, an online online electronics retailer sister company to Signal Connect.  Because he knows so much about DIRECTV installations, Jason troubleshoots our customers’ satellite TV problems.  They call in and say, “I’m not getting any satellite signal!  Can you fix it?”  Jason can, and he’s more than happy to do it. 

To the average subscriber, these DIRECTV issues seem huge and impossible to fix.  To Jason, who understands the nature of satellite TV installations, it simply means asking you a few important questions about what’s going on.  Based on your answers, he’s able to diagnose the problem over the phone.  Once he knows what’s going on, he patiently coaches you through what you need to do to fix it. 

Here are some of the DIRECTV issues that Jason encounters during the average workweek:

  1. When clients first get their DIRECTV receivers from Signal Connect, they continue past the ‘dish type’ setup without adjusting it correctly. Most of the time, they’re using a standard definition dish, but they default to high definition, which results in missing almost all of their channels and getting 771 error that the satellite signal can’t be detected.
  1. A viewer is able to get to the activation page and it will activate, but they’ll be missing almost all the channels once it starts. This usually happens when someone doesn’t configure the dish type correctly.
  1. The 771 error, which is a loss of satellite signal. This is a common problem for DIRECTV installations in RVs, campers, and motorhomes. It typically happens when owners take a trip and leave their DIRECTV receiver on a local channel under channel 100 (NBC, CBS, Fox, etc.)  Since these stations don’t work outside of their service address zip code, they’ll get the error warning once they travel outside their local area.
  1. Trying to move a receiver from their home to their RV and losing signal. In some cases, this is a violation of DIRECTV’s service agreement.
  1. When a customers sees the words “no signal” on the screen, there’s a good chance that they’re on an incorrect TV input.

Does any of this tech talk make sense to you?  It’s okay if you say “No.”  We don’t expect you to be a DIRECTV installation expert.  (You got satellite TV to enjoy your favorite programming, after all.)  At Signal Connect, we employ the DIRECTV experts such as Jason to help you during those rare times when your service goes down. 

“What Do I Do When I have DIRECTV Connections Issues?”

If you experience DIRECTV connection issues, just pick up the phone and call us.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Signal Connect customer or not.  If you have DIRECTV and you’re experiencing problems, we’re here to help.  Our DIRECTV experts all follow this protocol:

  1. They’ll ask you some questions about the problem
  2. Diagnose your problem
  3. Talk you through the fix
  4. Encourage you to call us if you have other DIRECTV issues

Yes, fixing your DIRECTV installation issues really is this easy when you work with us.  You’ll get the best DIRECTV customer support from Signal Connect.  When you have DIRECTV issues, just pick up the phone and call us at 866-726-4182.  Jason, or another one of our DIRECTV experts, will diagnose your issue over the phone and talk you through the fix. 

Get DIRECTV from Signal Connect

Are you someone who wants DIRECTV programming for your home or business?  Solid Signal is an AT&T Preferred Dealer that provides commercial and residential satellite TV to people across the country.  We’ll match you with the right DIRECTV dish, receiver, and satellite TV equipment.  We’ll also recommend a local DIRECTV installer to get it all set up.  Once that’s done, one of our reps provides our hassle-free DIRECTV activation.  If you have question, or would like to start this process, just give us a call at 866-726-4182.