Everything You Know About DIRECTV Commercial Installations is Wrong


Everything You Know About DIRECTV Commercial Installations is Wrong 

Commercial property owners, have you considered adding DIRECTV to your property?  This satellite TV service delivers a huge variety of news, sports, and entertainment.  Some building owners know this.  They’re already enjoying all the great things that DIRECTV has to offer.  Others refuse to offer this service in their buildings because they might have some misunderstandings about DIRECTV installations for large commercial properties.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we’re here to help clear some of these up. 

You might think you can’t have DIRECTV for your commercial property.  Or maybe you think you don’t want it because of some objection.  We’ve noticed that most of these objections come from people who don’t know how DIRECTV can benefit their stadium, hospital, or other large property.  That’s okay, though.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we can tell you everything you need to know about DIRECTV.  The team at Signal Connect is happy to share information with building owners and commercial property developers just like you.

Here are some objections that some commercial property owners have, and how we address these concerns:

1. “You can’t install DIRECTV in my building/stadium/hospital because it’s too big!”

Nothing could be further from the truth! Signal Connect has delivered DIRECTV to large residential and commercial installations. For example, we regularly install DIRECTV in residential and commercial high rises that don’t allow holes to be drilled in the roof.  We have a very easy solution for that.  We also installed the largest commercial 4K installation to date. It’s in the owner’s suite of a pro football stadium, and features 22 receivers, 22 client boxes, and 22 TV sets. Our team planned and assembled this complex installation to complete this installation. Since we completed this large installation, we can make yours happen too.

2. Objection: “Your installer comes in and messes up my electrical room, doesn’t respect my on-site management.”

This doesn’t sound anything like the DIRECTV installers we work with. Signal Connect has a network of professional installers in each state. We’ve vetted these professionals because they represent us on each DIRECTV installation. We trust them to do the job quickly and professionally.  When they’re done, they call us to activate your DIRECTV account.

Do you own a stadium or other large commercial property? Our representatives will help design your DIRECTV installation. These large-scale installations are considered RF distribution, which requires more advanced satellite equipment. Fortunately, Signal Connect are your RF distribution experts. We’ve delivered DIRECTV to the owner’s suite inside a professional football stadium. We can complete an RF distribution for your commercial property, too.

3. “I don’t want DIRECTV because it costs too much and its service keeps going down.”

You’re getting us confused with most local cable TV providers. Satellite TV is up and running for viewers more than 99.5 percent of them time. If the signal gets interrupted, it’s usually weather-related, and doesn’t last very long.  We also have easy fixes for weather-related interruptions.  Does cable TV have anything to help prevent their services from going down?

As far as DIRECTV being expensive, we offer a variety of commercial viewing packages. We can help you find one that fits your budget. Our reps also check to see if your eligible for any DIRECTV promotions and/or discounts to help you save money.

Let’s compare this to cable TV. It can go down at any minute, and often stays down for a long time before it gets re-connected. As a cable customer, you don’t get a refund for the hours that your cable TV is unavailable. Also, if you’ve bundled your Internet and phone, you lose those services too. That’s simply not the case with have DIRECTV.

4. “If I get DIRECTV, my customers/residents will call me every time it rains or snows.”

Let’s take a look at “rain fade.” This term refers to the loss of satellite TV signal during the rain. It happens when high frequency satellite signals cannot penetrate the moisture-rich storm clouds. Even in places with heavy rainfall, most people experienced about 10 minutes of signal loss per month. Compare that to how many outages your local cable company experiences.

If your property is in an area that experiences lots of rain, we have a solution. Dome Magic is a rain repellent wipe that you easily apply to your satellite dish. Wipe your dish down with one of these towelettes for six- to 12-months of rain fade protection. This is the easiest way to keep signal loss due to rain fade from being an issue.  This is the easiest, most affordable way to prevent rain fade from being a problem with your DIRECTV installation.

Snow is even less of a problem than rain.  If you’re property is in an area that experience harsh winters, we recommend you get a satellite dish heater.  It’s one of two satellite dish heating elements that we offer.  These devices easily attach to your dish and use a dedicated power source.  Sensors activate the heating element when certain temperatures are reached. This melts off the ice and snow that has accumulated on the dish.  It’s easier than getting up on the roof and brushing the snow off with a broom.  We also carry a satellite dish arm heater to remove snow and ice off this part of your dish.   

5. “What my tenants/clients really want is Internet. How can you help me with that?”

Yes we can!  When it comes to commercial broadband, our primary internet carrier is AT&T.  Speeds tend to vary by market, but most are up to 1 GBPS.  If your business is located in an AT&T fiber area, there are plans to fit virtually your property.  We also work with internet carriers ViaSat and Frontier, which are available in many rural areas.  Signal Connect also offers business phone service through AT&T.  In some markets, the cost can be as low as $30/month if the service is bundled with DIRECTV.  We even handle static and dynamic IPs, and can even port existing numbers.

6. “What kind of discount can you give me on bulk orders?”

In some specific installations, Signal Connect offers better pricing for bulk agreements.  This varies between installations, so it’s best to call Signal Connect to get a better idea of that.  For every installation, our reps check with AT&T to see if you qualify for any available DIRECTV promotions.  We also help save you money on your satellite dish, receiver, client, and any other satellite equipment your installation needs.  Everything needed for your installation can be purchased through Solid Signal, a division of our company.  This allows us to get you the best pricing possible.

DIRECTV for Commercial Properties

As you can see, these objections are the result of people’s misunderstandings about commercial DIRECTV accounts.  If you have any of these objections, Signal Connect won’t judge.  We just hope the information we provided helps clear things up a bit.  That’s why we shared it with you in this post.  If you have questions, our team is happy to answer them.  Signal Connect has put together an entire division to handle large-scale commercial property installations.  It’s called Signal Connect Enterprise Business Solutions, and it’s headed up by our connection specialist Nicholas MilyIf you have questions about commercial DIRECTV, give him a call at 866-726-4182.