Does Your DIRECTV Installation Need Broadband DECA?


Does Your DIRECTV Installation Need Broadband DECA?

Does your DIRECTV installation need a broadband DECA device?  In a few unique circumstances, it might.  Before we get into that, let’s first establish what DIRECTV broadband DECA is.  It’s a device that connects your DIRECTV system to the internet, which provides on demand programming, enhanced search functions, and interactive TV features.  These days, the broadband DECA is considered older technology that’s being replaced by newer DIRECTV equipment.  That said, there are still some uses for this unique DIRECTV satellite TV accessory. 

Broadband DECA Use No. 1: Bad Location

Wired Ethernet is the most reliable way to connect devices, but not everyone has the proper jack in their living room.  In other cases, an entertainment center’s iron-based paints and stains can block radio-frequency signals.  Situations such as this would make poor options for using Wi-Fi.  If this describes your DIRECTV installation, don’t despair.  You can find a place where your Ethernet and coax cables are close together and use a broadband DECA to bridge the gap.  This is one of the more popular uses of this device in some DIRECTV satellite installations. 

Note: You can use broadband DECA with installations that feature Ethernet near DIRECTV equipment.  Just use a green-labelled DIRECTV splitter to connect the DIRECTV broadband DECA to the coax cable and Ethernet port.  If you choose to do this, please make sure your Wi-Fi is disconnected from the Genie.  (This can be done by going to the menus and choosing Settings, Internet Setup, and Reconfigure Connection.  Choose “wired connection,” but don’t connect an Ethernet cable.)  If you don’t, your system can become confused when you try to connect in both places.

Broadband DECA Use No. 2: Older Equipment 

While most DIRECTV subscribers enjoy high definition or 4K programming, its standard definition or SD programming is still being used.  Many people with SD receivers have broadband DECA or end up getting this device so they can enjoy on demand programming, enhanced search functions, and interactive TV features on compatible receivers.  If you still plan to use DIRECTV SD programming, you can continue to use the broadband DECA and enjoy the enhanced features it provides your DIRECTV satellite installation.

Broadband DECA Becoming Obsolete

While you can still use the DIRECTV broadband DECA in some instances, this equipment is quickly fading away.  It’s not necessary if you have the HR54 Genie or the new DIRECTV Genie 2, which combines broadband DECA capabilities, DVR, and power inserter.  As more subscribers upgrade to the DIRECTV Genie 2, there will be less need for broadband DECA.  This is just another reason for residential DIRECTV subscribers to upgrade their DIRECTV equipment. 

DIRECTV Upgrades from Signal Connect

Earlier in this post, we mentioned DIRECTV standard equipment.  We know that some of you are still using this to watch satellite TV.  If you’re one of these people, you need to know that you won’t be able to use it much longer.  Sometime in 2019, DIRECTV plans to put its SD satellite (satellite 119) into a parking orbit.  When this happens, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll receive a small amount of the SD programming you love.
  2. Your screen will go black and this will be the end of your DIRECTV SD TV.

DIRECTV is phasing out its SD programming in favor of the much better high definition (HD) and 4K programming options.  DIRECTV HD, or 1080p, is far superior to its old SD programming.  For those who want the best of the best, there’s 4K, which is four times the resolution quality of DIRECTV’s 1080. HD.  4K also delivers theater-quality Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound.  What better way to replace that old SD than with DIRECTV programming that delivers superior video and audio reception?

DIRECTV Upgrades from Signal Connect

Are you a current DIRECTV SD subscriber? If so, it might be time to upgrade your programming package and equipment. Signal Connect is here to walk you with every step of the process.  Chris Brikho and James Hampton have helped many DIRECTV customers upgrade to HD and 4K. Our upgrade experts will see if you’re eligible for an upgrade promotion.  This can save you some money while you improve your DIRECTV-viewing experience.  Chris and James will also help you upgrade your DIRECTV receiver and equipment.  This makes Signal Connect your one-stop shop for DIRECTV upgrades and service. If you have questions about this process, just call us at 866.726.4182.