DIRECTV Wins Vs Spectrum Attack Ads

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DIRECTV Wins Vs. Spectrum’s Attack Ads

You have to hand it to Spectrum.  The cable provider has found some creative ways to attack DIRECTV and satellite TV.  Its monsters commercials are worth a chuckle.  The only problem is that the “Satellite TV bad, Spectrum good” shtick is misleading.  Spectrum’s allegations crumble when challenged with basic facts about satellite services. Let’s unpack this, shall we?   

$99 for Every Satellite Service Call?

This is one of the claims Spectrum made in one of its monsters commercials.  In it, Mrs. Werewolf rails against DIRECTV’s automatic service charges.  Yes, a “truck roll” call has a $99 charge attached to it, but not all problems require an installer to come to your home.  Signal Connect offers free customer support to anyone who owns DIRECTV.  If you’re experiencing a connection issue, just give us a call.  Our reps will diagnose the problem over the phone and walk you through the solution.  There’s no $99 charge for these calls.  In fact, we provide this service FREE to all DIRECTV viewers.  Spectrum isn’t going to tell you that, though!

Rain Fade Issues Are Exaggerated

Have you seen Spectrum’s rain fade commercial?  A group of ghouls are playing charades because they can’t watch the game due to rain fade.  Do people still fall for such bush league scare tactics?  When your dish is aimed properly, rain fade is almost nonexistent.  Satellite TV is said to be about 99.5 percent reliable.  This proves that rain and rain fade isn’t nearly as big a problem as Spectrum’s commercials make it out to be.

In the rare event where rain could become an issue, we offer Dome Magic rain repellent dish wipes.  Sold by Solid Signal, a division of our company, these wipes add a protective layer to your dish.  This helps maintain a strong signal during the rain.  Simply put, Spectrum is misleading people.  Don’t let fear of the “rain fade boogeyman” keep you from getting DIRECTV.  It’s a small problem that can be overcome quite easily.

Trees Won’t Block Your DIRECTV Reception

Spectrum has a commercial that features the Grim Reaper trying to cut down a tree.  This huge tree is apparently blocking a demon’s satellite dish.  For those of us who understand satellite TV, this commercial is ridiculous.  Even a rookie satellite installer knows not to mount a dish behind a huge tree!  Unfortunately, the average person believes that Spectrum makes a valid point.

Even a rookie DIRECTV installer knows not to mount a dish behind a tree! The local DIRECTV installers we work with are experienced professionals.  They’ll use meters to locate where the satellite signal is strongest.  Then, they’ll determine the best place on or near your house to install the dish.  You won’t need to call the Grim Reaper or get a chainsaw when you get DIRECTV from Signal Connect.

DIRECTV On Demand is just as fast (unless)

Spectrum ads compare the company’s allegedly “instant” on demand compared to DIRECTV’s on demand.  Of the latter, Spectrums says that it has to be fully downloaded before you can watch it.  That might have been true back in 2009, but not today.  DIRECTV’s on demand system relies on your internet connection, as does Spectrum’s.  If you have 25Mbps or faster internet, then on demand should start instantly.  (In some marketing, if you have Spectrum internet, who knows when your on demand program will load!)  DIRECTV even offers a lower-quality stream that can start playing instantly, even if your internet is super slow.

DIRECTV Has SportsNet, Too

In the Southwest, Spectrum runs ads that say you need its services to watch the SportsNet channels.  This isn’t true.  SportsNet (The “Lakers Channel”) is available on pretty much every cable and satellite provider.  If you’re talking about SportsNet LA (The “Dodgers Channel”), it’s true that DIRECTV doesn’t carry it.  Practically no one else does, except baseball streaming package MLB.TV. That package comes FREE with DIRECTV’s MLB Extra Innings package.  You can also subscribe separately.  Los Angeles residents are likely to receive get blackout messages on DIRECTV and Spectrum.

Spectrum Got One Thing Right… Sort Of 

Satellite TV has contracts while cable TV doesn’t.  It’s not too hard to figure out why this is.  Each cable company has a monopoly on every given coverage area.  If you don’t want cable TV from your local provider, you’re not getting cable at all.  Your only option is to choose between satellite TV, a TV antenna, or a streaming service, or a combination of all three.  Sure, DIRECTV has a contract, but that contract locks you in at an attractively low, two-year rate.  The vast majority of DIRECTV viewers are happy to renew their contract after the first two years with their favorite news, sports, and entertainment.

Call Signal Connect for DIRECTV

Are you tired of being nothing more than a number to your local cable company?  If so, DIRECTV is your answer.  The satellite TV provider has a huge number of channels and a variety of pro sports viewing packages brought to you in stunning, high-definition resolution.  Signal Connect is an AT&T Preferred Dealer, which means we’re your source for all things DIRECTV.  We’ll help with everything from choosing the right viewing package to the best satellite dish and other equipment for your installation.  Best of all, we have solutions for all those “bad” things that Spectrum tries to scare you about.  If you’d like to know the truth about how DIRECTV delivers your favorite programming, give us a call at 866-726-4182.  We’re happy to give you truthful information about this satellite TV service.