DIRECTV Waivers for Marine Satellite TV

signing a directv waiver to install on a boat

DIRECTV Waivers for Marine Satellite TV

Is a DIRECTV waiver something you’ve needed while at work?  If you’re a marine electronics installer, it is.  If installing DIRECTV on luxury crafts and service vessels is part of your day-to-day duties, you know what these waivers are.  You probably also know how troublesome it can be to get them processed.  It’s more than a little frustrating and time consuming, right?  Now brace yourself for some good news.  Signal Connect can get your DIRECTV waivers pushed through in minutes.  All you have to do is call us.  Yes, waivers are that easy when you partner with Signal Connect!

What is a DIRECTV Installation Waiver?

For marine electronics installers, a waiver is a way of life.  If you were to install DIRECTV on a home or commercial building, it’s fairly easy to get close to a 100 percent signal rating.  This isn’t always possible on a boat, though.  On any given day, a vessel can be docked at a marina, out to sea, or in storage.  It’s mobile nature causes the signal to fluctuate, and sometimes fall beneath DIRECTV’s threshold.  When this happens, AT&T is notified, and they contact the installer to find out why the installation is not receiving proper signal strength.

It’s common for DIRECTV to forbid the account activation until optimal signal is reached.  When it’s a marine installation, the folks at DIRECTV understand that the signal can vary in these environments.  If your marine DIRECTV installation falls beneath the signal threshold, DIRECTV can issue you a waiver.  As you might already know, this allows you to finish the installation and activation. 

Getting a waiver isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  It’s not that DIRECTV won’t do it.  (They understand the nature of marine satellite TV installations.)  The hard part is getting ahold of someone in the communication company’s customer care department.  If you’ve called for a waiver in the past, you know this.  You probably got transferred around or put on hold in the call center.  As an installation professional, you don’t have time to wait for these waivers because it keeps you from moving on to your next job.

DIRECTV Customer Support from Signal Connect  

When it comes to getting DIRECTV waivers for marine installations, no one does them quicker than Signal Connect.  We partner with a nationwide network of local DIRECTV installers.  When they install DIRECTV in a luxury craft or working vessel, they don’t have time to wait around for a waiver.  That’s why they call us.  We able to get these waivers accepted in no time.  This lets these installers finish their jobs and move on to the next paying gig.

Why is Signal Connect so good at handling waivers?  David Ross, sales representative, explains it best.  He said, “We’ve spent years developing the right relationships within DIRECTV.  What might take the average installer or customers an hour or more to do takes us minutes.”  Dave has completed his fair share of marine satellite TV waivers.  So has Josh Weiss, another Signal Connect sales rep.  “Waivers are commonplace in the maritime industry,” Josh added.  “I’ve done so many that now it can take me less than a minute to get one authorized.”  All Solid Signal sales reps can help installers with waivers and other aspects of marine satellite TV.

As DIRECTV customer support goes, there’s something else we do for marine installers.  We call it hassle-free satellite TV activation.  Once your installation is done, you typically call DIRECTV to get the account activated.  When you do this, you’re dialing in to that same busy call center that processes your waivers.  This means your changes of being put on hold and/or transferred around are pretty high.  Signal Connect knows who to call to quickly activate any marine satellite TV account.  We’ll take care of your client’s activation so you don’t have to.  This buys you a little more time before you move on to your next job.

Make Signal Connect Your Marine Satellite TV Partner 

Do you install marine electronics for a living?  You should partner with Signal Connect.  We’re the bridge between you, your customer, and the satellite provider they choose.  Our reps will get those waivers pushed through in a hurry.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call.  We’ll also provide a quick, easy satellite account activation for your customer.  Work with us and you can say goodbye to sitting on the phone all day with satellite TV call centers.  We are proud to support satellite technicians who deliver DIRECTV to boat owners on both coasts.  Give us a call at 866.726.4182 to learn more about what Signal Connect does for its marine electronics installer partners.