DIRECTV Technical Support: Turn off Dolby Digital

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DIRECTV Technical Support: Turn off Dolby Digital

Does the sound on your DIRECTV audio drop for 10+ seconds after you pause, rewind, or fast forward?  What about clicks, pops, and/or echoing sounds?  If so, there’s a good chance you’re running Dolby Digital sound through a standard TV without a soundbar or high-quality home theater speakers.  There are two ways to solve this:

  1. You can invest in a soundbar or similar home theater sound system.
  2. Or, you can turn off the Dolby Digital sound on your DIRECTV installation.

If you want to invest in high-quality home theater speakers, we can help you with that.  (We’ll get to that later.)  In the meantime, we also can help you turn off the Dolby Digital sound on your current TV.  Remember, DIRECTV broadcasts also include mono or stereo sound that works well through most standard TVs.  If your TV is connected to your receivers with RCA cables, you’re already using it.  If you’re connected with HDMI, you’re using Dolby Digital and experiencing the problems listed above.  Turning off your Dolby Digital sound will make many of these audio issues disappear.   

Here’s how to turn off the Dolby Digital in your DIRECTV Genie system in six easy steps:

  1. Press “MENU” on your DIRECTV remote control
  2. Scroll down to “Settings”
  3. Arrow over to “Audio” and press “SELECT”
  4. Arrow down to “Dolby Digital” then press “SELECT”
  5. Choose “Standard Audio” then press “SELECT”
  6. Press “EXIT” to return to live TV

Follow these steps to turn off Dolby Digital in older DIRECTV systems:

  1. Press “MENU” on your remote
  2. Arrow down to “Settings&Help” and press “SELECT”
  3. Make sure that “Settings” is highlighted and press “SELECT”
  4. Arrow down to “Audio” and press “SELECT”
  5. Arrow down to “Dolby Digital” and press “SELECT”
  6. You will see a dropdown. Use the arrows to highlight “Off” and press “SELECT”
  7. Press “EXIT” to return to live TV

Is There a Difference?

Generally speaking, there isn’t much difference between your mono/stereo sound and your Dolby Digital.  What you’ll notice is that the clicks, pops, and other issues will be gone.  You’ll also hear a “bonk” sound when you press a button on your DIRECTV remote control.  This noise lets you know that the button press won’t do anything.  This only works if you have Dolby Digital turned off.

If you have an A/V receiver, your system will use Pro Logic II to decode surround information instead of Dolby Digital. Pro Logic is a “derived” system, which means that it creates surround channels by interpreting the stereo signal. If a sound is common to both channels, it gets moved to the center channel. If it is out of phase, it’s moved to the rear channels.  In general, the surround “effect” and bass are somewhat less noticeable with Pro Logic II.

Pro Logic II isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Depending on how the system is set up, vocals may seem a little quieter or a little muddy. That’s not the fault of Pro Logic II. Generally it shows that the audio system isn’t well balanced. Making adjustments to the audio receiver can often make Pro Logic II sound comparable to Dolby Digital. While you don’t get as much of a surround effect, it’s still surprisingly good.

Get Home Theater System for Dolby Digital

In most cases, people turn off their Dolby Digital on the TVs in bedrooms and guests rooms because few people invest in expensive home theater speaker systems for these rooms.  Their main DIRECTV installation, usually found in the family room, is a different story.  Here, people tend to what the best of the best because it’s where their family does the most viewing.  When played through a soundbar or similar speaker system, Dolby Digital offers an amazing sound experience.

Solid Signal, an online electronics retailer and division of Signal Connects, offers a variety of home theater equipment.  You’ll find a selection of soundbars, home theater systems, and more.  If you have any questions or need a product recommendation, the techs in Solid Signal’s U.S.-based call center are always willing to help you.  Just give them a call at 877.312.4547.  They’ll match your DIRECTV installation with the best home theater equipment.

Need More DIRECTV Technical Support? 

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