DIRECTV Technical Support: Genie Menu Test

DIRECTV Technical Support: Genie Menu Test

Today’s DIRECTV hardware for new Genie menus is built to be reliable and practically trouble-free.  Even so, it never hurts to run a system test every now and again to make sure everything is operating at peak performance.  These system tests are quick and easy to do, so it’s not something that’s going to keep you offline for very long.  All you need to know is how to conduct one of these tests, and Signal Connect is here to help you with that.  Use this easy guide to running a system test on hardware that uses new Genie menus.

Grab Your Genie Remote

While you can conduct a system test with a universal or app remote, it’s a lot easier with your Genie remote control.  The following instructions are listed with you using a Genie remote in mind.  Do you have it?  Okay, great!  Now here’s what you need to do:

Genie remote: Press and hold the INFO button.

Other remote control: Press MENU, then scroll down to Settings, over to Info & Test, and press SELECT.

Either option takes you to this screen.  (Note: personal info has been blocked out to protect the innocent in the screen shots below)

Run the System Test

Press SELECT on the remote with “Run System Test” highlighted.

Remember that running a system test will stop all your active recordings.  That’s why it’s best to do this when there’s nothing on TV that you want to watch.  If you’re sure you want to run a test, press the DASH button on the remote.  You will find it to the left of the zero.

When you run a system test, you’ll see the bar move from the left to the right.  You should also expect it to pause a few times.  (This is normal for this process.)  When everything is done, you will see the phrase “All Items OK.”  If you don’t see this message, an error message will be displayed on your screen.  You can get more information about that error message by checking out this list of DIRECTV error codes at the Solid Signal blog.  (Solid Signal is an online electronics distributor and division of Signal Connect.)

Yes, We Have It On Video! 

Are you a visual learner?  If so, my colleague Stuart Sweet made this video that shows you how to run this test.  In less than two minutes, Stuart shows you how to conduct a system test of your Genie hardware.  He also throws in some orchestral background music that gives his presentation a dramatic Star Wars-like feel.  Check it out:


Why Test Your DIRECTV Genie Equipment?

As mentioned earlier, it’s rare for today’s Genie equipment to have any issues.  When you restart your client or DVR, you’ll notice that the screen reads “Running receiver self-check.”  It looks like this:

When you see this, it means that your Genie is automatically running the same test we just taught you how to do manually.  The catch is, your system only runs this if it detects something that needs to be corrected.  This process also tests the integrity of the list and guide data, and dumps it if it’s corrupted.  The guide data and to do list get automatically rebuilt by the system.

For DIRECTV Technical Support, call Signal Connect

What happens if your DIRECTV system has a problem that you can’t fix?  For example, you get a black or grey screen, or an Error 771 message.  If this happens, we recommend you call James Hampton, Signal Connect DIRECTV technical support specialist.  In most cases, he can diagnose your DIRECTV connection issue over the phone.  He’ll then walk you through the fix until your service returns. Signal Connect provides this tech support FREE to all DIRECTV customers. Do you need some help?  Call 866-726-4182, or contact James directly.


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