DIRECTV Technical Support: Genie Clients and Remotes

DIRECTV Technical Support: Genie Clients and Remotes 

Do you see the picture above?  The Genie receiver on the top is a C31 while the one on the bottom is a C41.  Since C31 clients have only been available a few months, they are fairly rare.  The C41 replaced it, and features added support for the DIRECTV RC71 remote.  There also are two more Genie clients – the C51 and C61, which aren’t shown here.  Since all of these Genie clients look familiar, it can be hard to tell the difference.  Some might even wonder what’s the point of all this.  Well, when it comes down to getting a replacement remote control, it’s a good thing to know exactly what you have in order to get the right remote.

Here’s some general advice on which remotes match each receiver:

  • For C31 receivers, use this remote control.
  • The Genie remote should be used with all other receivers.
  • Both remote controls will operate either client in IR mode, but you need the right RF remote if you plan to place your client behind your TV.

Now that you know which remote controls you need for what, let’s take a closer look at how to identify these Genie clients from one another. 

DIRECTV C51 and C61 

These two DIRECTV Genie receivers are practically identical in appearance except for one thing – the C61 features the new AT&T globe logo on its face.  There are practically no differences inside, either.  (The most significant difference is that the two were on separate production runs.)

What about the C61K 4K client?  And the wireless clients?  Each of these have different sizes from other Genie clients, so it’s easy to tell the difference between these and the C51 and C61 clients.

How to Find Out Which Client You Have

It’s really easy to find out which DIRECTV Genie receiver you have.  All you have to do is locate the green sticker on the bottom of the client.  This sticker provides the model number and manufacturer code (-100, -300, -500, -700).  Here is a breakdown of those codes and the manufacturers associated with each of them:

  • -100: Technicolor (Thomson/Audiovox/RCA)
  • -200: Samsung
  • -300: Philips
  • -400: Hughes
  • -500: Humax
  • -600: LG
  • -700: Pace
  • -800: NEC

There’s another way to identify which type of client you have.  (This is especially helpful if your client is on the back of your TV and is hard to reach.)  Using your remote control, follow these four easy steps:

  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Arrow down to “Settings”
  3. Arrow over to “Info&Test”
  4. Press the “OK: button

When you go through those steps, you should see a screen that looks like this:

This screen displays the model number of your Genie receiver.  In this particular case, the one used was a C41-700.  This means it was manufactured several years ago by Pace.  (Most are made by Technicolor these days.)  Once you’ve finished reading the information, press EXIT on the remote to return to live TV.

Should you upgrade an old client?

Technically speaking, these older Genie clients work like a charm.  If you haven’t had any trouble with yours, there’s really no reason to get a newer one… unless you want a faster client that delivers all the best programming DIRECTV has to offer.  If you want 4K programming, DIRECTV highest audio/video resolution, as well as high-definition shows, then you need the DIRECTV HS17 Genie 2.  (Note: You’ll also need a 4K TV, reverse-band LNB and the DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Client, but we’ll get to those in a bit.)

The DIRECTV Genie 2 is DIRECTV’s latest receiver and many experts say that it’s the fastest, as well.  It also delivers DIRECTV to up to seven rooms of TV, and offers two 4K streams.  Genie 2 also allows wireless clients without having an external wireless adapter.  Best of all, when you upgrade to the Genie 2, you’ll be futureproofed against many of DIRECTV’s upcoming developments.  Simply put, to see the best programming, you need the best equipment, and the DIRECTV HS17 Genie 2 is the best.

Get DIRECTV 4K in Your Home with Signal Connect! 

If you want DIRECTV 4K and high-definition in your home, we have the deal for you.  Signal Connect is offering this DIRECTV 4K combo that includes the Genie 2, reverse-band LNB, and DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Client.  When you purchase this combo, you save $20 off the cost of getting each device separately.  That’s everything you need to watch 4K at home except for a 4K TV.  You might already have that, since many new units feature with this capability.  (If you don’t, you know what you need to do.) 

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