DIRECTV Technical Support: Five Easy Fixes Part 2

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DIRECTV Technical Support: Four More Easy Fixes 

DIRECTV residential customers want to unwind after a long day and enjoy their favorite TV programs.  The last thing they need is a connection issue to keep them from their favorite shows.  Though it’s rare, sometimes problems happen and subscribers need a quick fix.  In a previous installment, we showed you how to fix five common DIRECTV problems.  We’re back with four more DIRECTV fixes in this installment.  From not being able to use your iPad to control your receiver to blocky picture and more, these tips will quickly return you to the DIRECTV programming you know and love.  

If you have DIRECTV residential service, here are four more common connection issues and how to fix them: 

Problem 1: iPad App Does Not Control the Receiver

Have you ever tried to control your DIRECTV receiver with your iPad only to get no response?  If this ever happens, don’t freak out.  Just follow these easy steps to regain control of your receiver:

  1. Check to make sure that the External Device Access is turned on
  2. Press the {MENU} button on your remote
  3. Navigate to: Settings&Help, Settings, Whole-Home, and External Device
  4. Press {SELECT}
  5. Set all three options to “Allow”

Problem 2: Genie Suffers Blocky Picture or Lost Signal

DIRECTV Genie systems sometimes have this problem.  Fortunately for you, you can fix this issue by following this simple, four-step process:

  1. Check for loose cables or connections.
  2. Inspect all cables and ends to see if they have become bent or damaged. Next, inspect the ends to see if they are loose or corroded.
  3. Replace any damaged cables. Never install run cables under carpets or in places where water can accumulate.
  4. If cable runs are longer than 200 feet, consider rearranging the system or replacing wired receivers with wireless ones.

Problem 3: Receiver/Client Turns off After 4 Hours

Whether you have a Genie receiver or other DIRECTV equipment, this sometimes happens.  It was meant to be a convenient power-saving method that turns your TV off after four hours.  It can be a helpful function for anyone who falls asleep in their couch or easy chair.  It’s also a failsafe for those who forget to turn the TV off before leaving the house for work or trips.  If you don’t need this protection, it’s easy to disable.

For non-Genie hardware, follow these steps:

  1. Press the {MENU} Button on the remote
  2. Go to: Settings&Help, Settings, Power Saving
  3. Turn Power Saving Off

For those using Genie hardware:

  1. Press the {MENU} Button on the remote
  2. Go to: Settings, Power Saving
  3. Turn Power Saving Off

Problem 4: Can’t See all Channels in the Guide

  1. While watching live TV, press {INFO}
  2. Arrow over to “Favorites”
  3. Choose either “Channels I Get” or “All Channels” (Your choice)

If this doesn’t fix your DIRECTV connection issue, try this:

Log into your account and go to your “My Equipment” page.  Choose the link for “Refresh Receiver” next to the receiver that’s experiencing issues.  This process can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

Your Satellite TV Equipment Source

If you read the first installment to this DIRECTV technical support series, you know that Signal Connect offers free DIRECTV customer support.  If you’re a DIRECTV customer who’s having a connection issue, you just call us and we’ll walk you through the fix.  There’s another way we can help DIRECTV customers.  Solid Signal, a division of our company, is an online electronics retailer that stocks a huge variety of satellite TV equipment.  From satellite dishes to receivers, mounts, and other equipment, Solid Signal carries it all.  If you need a replacement satellite dish or other DIRECTV equipment, just give Solid Signal a call at 877.312.4547.  Our team of experienced sales reps will be happy to help you.