DIRECTV Technical Support: Downloading Software


DIRECTV Technical Support: Downloading Software

Like your computer, DIRECTV needs downloads to keep its software current.  Unlike your computer, you don’t need to complete these downloads yourself.  Manually downloading software for your DIRECTV receivers, DVRs, clients can cause you to get software that’s older than what you have.  (DIRECTV still actively supports over 50 different models of receiver made since 2003.)  If this happens, your receiver could go offline for up to 30 minutes while the system searches for the download you do need.  If no new software is found, the receiver automatically reboots.  In nearly all cases, you are no worse off than you were before all that happened.

Downloading Software Appears to Work

To be fair, there are times when downloading a new software version can fix your problem.  If it does, it is usually because you actually needed that software update because it is designed to fix the problem you experienced.  The catch here is that you would have gotten that update soon enough without doing anything.  DIRECTV automatically updates its software whenever a problem is found and diagnosed.  That is just one of the many benefits of this premier satellite TV service.

There is another way downloading can fix your problem.  This has the same effect as rapidly rebooting your receiver two times in succession.  This clears some logs and triggers “integrity checks” designed to fix database issues.  This forces your receiver to start over again in terms of your satellite, programming, and other factors.  This is what fixes the problem, not your download.  Two quick reboots in a row takes about 15 minutes less time than downloading new software.

Downloading DIRECTV Software is Difficult

Did you know it’s actually hard to manually download DIRECTV software these days?  For more than a decade, rebooting your receiver was as easy as putting in a series of numbers.  The HR44 and HR54 still let you do this, but Genie 2 home servers are different.  It has a somewhat complicated way of requesting software updates, but you can’t make it happen if you are not authorized to receive it.  From the very beginning, the Genie clients could not be manually updated at all.

DIRECTV Software Downloads are Still Relevant

Downloads that really make a difference to your specific issue are a thing of the past, though.  For most receivers, new software is a collection of very small bug fixes and fixes that allow older receivers to keep functioning with today’s satellite systems.  Hopefully, this information will persuade you to not bother with software downloads.  Why voluntarily go without TV for up to 30 minutes when DIRECTV downloads software for you?  With the exception of the new menus for DIRECTV Genies, there isn’t anything new that you would need to download anyway.

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