DIRECTV NOW Fix for iPad Pros

The DIRECTV NOW Fix for iPad Pros 

When you got your Apple iPad Pro, you were probably stoked to be able to watch DIRECTV NOW on that big screen.  You might have noticed that the DIRECTV NOW app didn’t fill the screen when you tried to watch your favorite programming for the first time.  It might have reminded you of the times when iPad first came out and many of the apps didn’t fill the screen yet.  Your DIRECTV NOW on your iPad Pro could have looked like this:

Did You Say, “DIRECTV NOW isn’t Working on My iPad Pro?”

If so, you probably wondered why DIRECTV NOW once looked like this on your iPad Pro.  It was a case of the new iPad’s screen being configured differently.  Since there was no “home” button, there was a small area at the bottom of the screen that cannot be used by apps.  Because of this, the app shrank down a little bit.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but you might have found it more than a bit annoying.  (We know many who did.)

DIRECTV NOW on iPad Pro Today

As previously stated, this issue was more of a minor annoyance instead of a huge problem.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long.  AT&T fixed the issues with its latest version of the DIRECTV NOW app.  Now, it’s clear to see that the app easily fills the entire screen:

The DIRECTV NOW Upgrade You Didn’t See?

There’s a good chance that you probably didn’t even notice this fix.  If you have automatic updates turned on, your DIRECTV NOW simply updated itself without you even knowing it did.  (That’s the way it’s supposed to work.)  What you would have noticed is that the screen size issues was no more.  If you don’t have automatic updates turned on, you can go to the App Store and choose Updates from the bottom.  The DIRECTV NOW app is listed there.

While you’re in the App Store, you can snag another helpful update.  It gives you the ability to use True Cloud DVR (Beta) with HBO and Cinemax.  If you’re an avid streamer who loves more shows than you can watch at one time, this can be an excellent tool to help you see everything at your leisure.  Both of these pay channels have an excellent selection of original and previously run content.  The Cloud DVR (beta) can help you enjoy it all!  

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