DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket With Signal Connect

DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket

DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket With Signal Connect

NFL Sunday Ticket is the best way to watch football. You’ll get the most professional football programming when you add this to your DIRECTV package.

DIRECTV Sunday Ticket is a football fan’s dream come true!  This DIRECTV programming package delivers National Football League games, of course.  It also provides a variety of unique football-related programming for fans.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, Signal Connect can deliver Sunday Ticket to current DIRECTV customers.  We’ll also set up new customers with a DIRECTV account with this football programming in plenty of time before the season kicks off.    

NFL Sunday Ticket Benefits

Are you ready to see every game from every National Football League team?  If so, you need Sunday Ticket Max.  That’s what this programming package is all about.  It delivers every regular season game from every team in the National Football League.  It even gives you the choice between a home or away broadcast for each game.  Sunday Ticket Max is the perfect thing for every serious football fan.

DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket offers football lovers many great benefits, including:

  1. RED ZONE CHANNEL®, which updates you each time any team gets within the “red zone” – 20 yards from the endzone – and into scoring position.
  2. DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE CHANNEL™ and fantasy channels.
  3. Also includes the Game Mix channel, which lets you see multiple games at the same time.
  4. Fantasy football fans can flip between games featuring their players.

NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming 

Yes, you can stream Sunday Ticket.  In fact, streaming comes free when you add the football package to your DIRECTV satellite TV subscription.    If you are incapable of getting DIRECTV due to very specific circumstances, you can buy Sunday Ticket as a standalone streaming package.  It’s available in a streaming-only package for most Apple and Android mobile devices.  You also can stream Sunday Ticket to your TV using a PS4 or Xbox One.  As of early 2018, DIRECTV NOW™ customers do not have access to this football programming option. 

NFL Sunday Ticket Cost

By now, you’re probably ready to order Sunday Ticket.  With everything it has to offer, this is the perfect viewing package to have in place for this year’s football season.  If you’re a hardcore football fan, they only thing you want to know now is how much is this programming package?  While prices can vary, the basic package starts at just $281.94 a year.  (Prices subject to change.)  This can be paid once, or you can split it into five payments.  You might even qualify to get your first year of this football package for free.

NFL Sunday Ticket Commercial Accounts

Maybe you want Sunday Ticket at your business?  This is an excellent investment for anyone who owns a bar, pub, or restaurant.  Commercial Sunday Ticket prices vary depending upon the size of your business, number of receivers and TVs, and other factors.  Some business owners get their first year of NFL Sunday Ticket’s regular season programming for free!   

NFL Sunday Ticket Customer Service

Signal Connect is your best source for Sunday Ticket.  As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, our reps are very familiar with this football viewing package.  Our customer support team will answer your questions to help you choose the best Sunday Ticket package.  We can even see if you qualify to get your first year of NFL Sunday Ticket for free.  If you want DIRECTV programming with this football viewing package, we can help you with that, too.  If you’re ready for the best football programming and satellite TV service, call us at 866-726-4182.